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This is how far AI technology has gone and it’s only getting better.
Creating a chatbot that works well for your own situation can be difficult without a developers help or you can try SnatchBot.
Machine learning can revolutionize Education if it becomes more widely available on the Web to self-directed learners. Vokabee makes a difference by offering a free online resource for English Language Learners who want to improve their vocabulary with their favorite content.
“The State willing to sustain in France the flourishing of successful start-ups to generate economic value and jobs, it creates the French Tech Initiative as an all-encompassing movement of collective mobilisation.”(1) Thus is introduced the call for interest intended to concretis...
The Chinese called them dragon lines. The ancient art of feng shui guides the homeowner in arranging furniture, particularly beds around these lines. Some call them ley lines. Wilcock calls them the Hartmann-Curry grid.
The page tells about Zend framework - one of the most popular development frameworks at the moment.
Stiftung Warentest gets 20 TV of the upper class to the lab. The ten best cut all the "good" from, among them cheap gadgets. The winner is bent, but that does not matter.
Google has released the first programming interfaces that allow developers to create applications for Android car. Optimized for use in vehicle's version of its operating system was presented in June at its developer conference I / O Google. Since then, programmers had to settle for a...
The Internet browser Firefox turns away in the United States of Google. Default search engine is Yahoo there. This could exacerbate the battle for market share.
Hundreds of millions scored the Mozilla Firefox developers of Google. Now the contract runs out - and the organization presented a new partner for the next five years: the Webkonzern Yahoo.
Androids a virus scans now dominate many apps. However, the differences in quality are great. CHIP has tested 25 antivirus for Android in collaboration with AV-Test. A large manufacturer has particularly goofed.
With a new method to Twitter archived his entire body of public messages. The new index users to gain quick access on old messages on a topic.
After the Messenger, Facebook has reverted to a function has its own app. With "Groups" like-minded people should be able to participate in groups through the exchange of information faster than before.
The chat app WhatsApp has often been criticized for lack of security. Well, WhatsApp makes a big step forward million users of the Android app now communicates fully encrypted. For iOS encryption of the chat is not possible - at least for now.
Nokia has its first Android tablet PC will be officially presented. The Nokia N1 does not hide from the competition.
IP telephony continues as a replacement for the traditional analogue telephone line and ISDN by more and more. Many customers of the Internet and telephone-inclusive packages are already using VoIP, without knowing it. For in what way the router to which the phone is connected, establ...
The BND wants to spend millions on a device for the analysis of crypto chip. Whether it so that he can decipher encrypted messages later, is questionable.
For two years, Sony has had the best compact cameras on offer with the RX100 models. Rival Canon PowerShot G7 now sets the X on the other hand. With large sensor and powerful lens, but without a viewfinder.
Google introduced Android 5.0 lollipop on 15 October 2014 in a blog post before. On November 3, the fresh software should actually end up using "Over the Air" -Update on the first Nexus devices. However, since it was massive problems with wireless connections and battery life when Nex...
Windows 7 is available in many homes on the computers. In pure Windows, 7 environments to set up a home network are a breeze: just a few clicks, and has been running the network.
Amazon drives the delivery by drone ahead: The company is looking for several employees for the Prime Air Team. Some of the alerts point to an early start of the drone program.
How fast do you actually surf over the wireless network? With the free app "4Gmark / PC WORLD network test" you find out.
Hackers are apparently come into possession of the split of Snapchat user's photos and videos. The photos ended up in the net.
The Nexus range has always been Google's flagship devices but how does the Nexus 4 fair in today's market?
Some things in the world of technology are black and white. High-speed wireless Internet, anti-spyware protection, and long laptop battery life: Good. Peanut butter in your keyboard, installing infected software, and responding to that Nigerian prince who keeps emailing you: Bad. For ...
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