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Teenager falls in love with a senile one...All hearts throb and the minds sing, Each one has one’s own melody, some hilarious ..others moody.Which one are you
This a teenage poem. A spurned boy's travails are described!
This is about the teens in this generation that are getting pregnant so often.
Parents are outraged because they say their children are being sent home with "fat letters," or notes explaining that their children are considered obese. Not just in Florida now, Public Health Departments are teaming up with local schools in an effort to stave off obesity early.
You are as simple as my ego is astound...A young girl is again taken which is not unusual They never listen hence I compose .. in post oblivion
A poem about someone pretending to go out with someone to see if their crush likes them or not
Poetry on teenager’s angst ....A young fairly girl describes if the rest of the world were grown grown ups
This article is a look back at my own teen years, things remembered that stick with you.
Why be a follower and why not have one's own mind I still wonder and shall for ever as much as you want to prevail
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
This article is about the young generation persons who are very practical in this modern world
This article is about Teen pregnancies, which is the great issue in the present situation
This article is about the young gangs who are spoiling their time with unwanted activities
This page is about the impact of face book among the teenagers. Lot of teen age persons misusing the facebook for various purposes
Teenage pregnancy has been one of the most fatal social issues society has been dealing with. It is an occurrence where a woman in her teens has gotten herself pregnant without planning for it or without expecting it.
Just a quick poem about those times of laziness and lack of motivation. Those days we just think "What's the point."
This is a page discussing teen depression. It describes symptoms, causes, and other information.
'Parkour' - or free running - is the fast-growing extreme sport that turns everyday urban landscapes into obstacle courses.
If enough education and more awareness is created about abortion -it will help more people to reduce the plan of doing it. not just the young ones but all.
Raising and parenting children through their teenage years is never an easy task.
This is the true story of a 15 year old girl and how her mother saved her life. The girl almost commit suicide. All names are changed in the story to protect identity.
Teenagers are nearly adults, how can you adapt your discipline strategy to accommodate the stage of life they are in?
An amazingly well written short story about a young employee who see's an attractive women.
Who could forget that first little feeling? That first smile, that giddy feeling towards someone? A crush is a starting point, everything started from it.
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