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Teenager falls in love with a senile one...All hearts throb and the minds sing, Each one has one’s own melody, some hilarious ..others moody.Which one are you
Summer for teens is still filled with events, learning opportunities and lots of fun. Welcome to my summer guide for teens and parents.
This story begins in my teenage years and continues to present day. It is about love and the lack of it.
Some tips to cope with a teenage boy who does not want to do studies and graduate whereas being really hesitant about his professional future
A teen age boy's summer fantasy while sitting on the beach
My experience as a teenager and my thoughts and insights of today's teenagers ideas.
Popular among teenagers as the one of the most popular social networks.
Usually used by teenage girls or may be boys too to submit their ideas with more creative ways.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
A new wave poetry..Raising Ecstasy..for all teens in an age when no one can contain..We all know it..
You are as simple as my ego is astound...A young girl is again taken which is not unusual They never listen hence I compose .. in post oblivion
Sex education teens is a combined responsibility of parents and teachers...else peers take over
Orgasmic ecstasy is an innate desire in normal humans to experience So be it ...let all feel it and be happy as orgasmic
A poem about someone pretending to go out with someone to see if their crush likes them or not
Just giving in ... for a sexual escapade at an instant ..without a thought ..just why can you say?
sex vs spiritualism some young kids still governed by olden guys feel the fear why instil it I wonder teens read on
Poetry on teenager’s angst ....A young fairly girl describes if the rest of the world were grown grown ups
Only for teens ..because most of them today ....are so advanced and apparently confused and not guided aright
and a girl he wants..a new lover imaginary distancing poet wants a girl anyone some one...
This is a brief poem from a sinle one's perspective trying to make love
I have observed that guys ... become gays ...owing to genes and at times by ...environment and mostly by circumstances ...beyond their control ...So is it with lesbians but to a lesser extent
Love and romance today are different from Shakespeare's days Why do young teens still themselves betray
A relationship speaker speaks I only intervene in order to be able to help teens
Many women tend to blame men mainly ....where as the fault lies at home..So this advice for teens
A young guy sees love in his friends eyes ..then he says why...she tries and plants a kiss
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