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Teenager falls in love with a senile one...All hearts throb and the minds sing, Each one has one’s own melody, some hilarious ..others moody.Which one are you
His chapter chronicles my struggle as a depressed teenager, overweight, a stranger in a strange land.
While visiting his father at the hospital, Adam makes friends with a teenage boy who has no friends or family in the city.
A short biography of the singer Lesley Gore who spoke for a Generation
Blazer has a low esteem moment at school which only his best friend can help.
Television is both a blessing and a curse. Nevertheless the latter through its constant showing of commercials cause students to fail.
Can you resist the language of a New York teenager from the 1950's? You really can't...
Some tips to cope with a teenage boy who does not want to do studies and graduate whereas being really hesitant about his professional future
A poem about a boy growing into a man while losing the innocence of youth.
A Teen Shows His .You are growing out of your genes.right .Nice kid you’re growing In between you know what I mean
By the time a man realises that his father was right,..He has a son who says, 'Dad you are wrong'
[i]TEEN's Guide to NOT Being Perfect,[/i] by Tom Krause, has some answers to a teen's questions of "Am I normal?" and "Will I Make it?" Teens will be glad to know the answers can be "Yes, I am!" and "Yes, I will!" This book can help teenagers learn about themselves, and find there is ...
Music, memories, life sitting on the grass, smiling young.
In the Shadow of the Mountains - by MR Graham (2012) - Paranormal Fantasy Novel - 242 pages When a stranger moves into the sleepy town of Burns City, no-one knew the strange and incredible world he would unleash on the town. In the Shadow of the Mountains is an intensely gripping nove...
The Silver Strand - by LJ Clarkson (2013) - Children/Tween Fantasy Adventure Novel - 283 pages The Silver Strand is packed full of fun and mischievous characters and situations and several very timely lessons for children and adults alike. This novel has the potential to appeal to chi...
The teenager abandoned his studies to develop application for smart phones. He became a millionaire!
My family in Pennsylvania had too much snow and so I told them, I would pray the snow would come to Northern Alabama.
Another day in my life. Hoping that it's interesting and catches your attention...
Kissing in front of public or Public Display Affection is a BIG NO for Indonesian traditional culture. When [i]*First Published in Bubblews [link= ][b]“OMG.. They Kiss on The Fence!”[/b][/link] [/i] you caught on it, y...
Short story and tips on how to cope with ADHD and around people who suffer with it also
We often hear people complaining about teenagers and kids being selfish and ungrateful. If so, whose fault is that? I think perhaps previous generations failed to teach them gratitude along the way.
Popular among teenagers as the one of the most popular social networks.
This poem is written in the perspective of a popular youtube sensation that committed suicide after depression.
This is a short story about a teenager in her junior year in high school who transferred school and experienced the difficulty of fitting in an environment where she does not have any friends.
The Dentist couples, Mrs. Nupur & Rajesh Talwar, living in Noida, New Delhi were convicted on 25th November, 13 on charges of murdering their only child and their servant. This case came to a closure at the lower court after being dragged for over 60 months, but still has left many qu...
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