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Teenages are the most crucial phase in life. If the teenagers are not protected by the parents and the elderly relatives, there is a risk to ruin their life.Teenage thoughts and ideas should be given due importance and corrective measures should be taken forthwith.
Popular among teenagers as the one of the most popular social networks.
A new wave poetry..Raising Ecstasy..for all teens in an age when no one can contain..We all know it..
Orgasmic ecstasy is an innate desire in normal humans to experience So be it ...let all feel it and be happy as orgasmic
sex vs spiritualism some young kids still governed by olden guys feel the fear why instil it I wonder teens read on
Only for teens ..because most of them today ....are so advanced and apparently confused and not guided aright
and a girl he wants..a new lover imaginary distancing poet wants a girl anyone some one...
I have observed that guys ... become gays ...owing to genes and at times by ...environment and mostly by circumstances ...beyond their control ...So is it with lesbians but to a lesser extent
Love and romance today are different from Shakespeare's days Why do young teens still themselves betray
SEX IS A VERY IMPORTANT ASPECT OF HUMAN LIFE.There has to be a purpose of having males and females.... in the sojourn of human well as animal beings ..Ask Lord why?So mature teenagers be carefull.
This poem should be an eye opener both for teens as well as parentsAll I can still say both will keep their eyes closed still.So let teens be still teens BTW keep an open eye parents
I had to perforce separate the twins so that many teens enjoy it too...
Often, we overlook SMALL things that can make a BIG difference in a child's life. When a child is constantly getting into trouble it can be for a lot of reasons, and there are often simple solutions to help redirect a child's mindset....
There are lot of problems nowadays in love and that too in teenagers love. Here i give you some easy points to guys to follow when he speaks to the girl who he is interested with.
all my about teenager life, experiences and attitudes. Enjoy your teenager life :)
Just a quick poem about those times of laziness and lack of motivation. Those days we just think "What's the point."
Parents and teenagers should learn together, parents learning with with their teenagers is very important to family relations
As a teenager an individual wants to explore an important stage in their lives.
Who could forget that first little feeling? That first smile, that giddy feeling towards someone? A crush is a starting point, everything started from it.
How to react when your child confesses his feelings to you, even if you don't understand why.
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