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I remember vividly well those times when opening of soft drinks, Gnawing on a pencil, Munching on cubes of ice and breaking of bones with our teeth signifies healthy teeth and strong bones. We’ve all done these things, yet most of the time we don’t realize what we’re doing to ou...
A lot of people have experienced a dog bite. Some serious some not so serious. The dog could even be your dog or a dog of a family member or friend. Here are reasons why a dog might bite. The dog can love you and still bite.
The kidney shaped or bean shaped nuts have so many health benefits, a few of which are stated.
I think that an evil spirit has gotten inside my gums and is boring its way out but mommy says it's called teething - whatever you want to call it - it's definitely no fun!
With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life.
Being a mother its always useful to hear other parents views of children, so, here are mine.
General information about the various dental diseases.
Well, today we wanted to dedicate this post to the care and care of their teeth from looming. No need to wait until the baby is two or three years, starting from a very small oral hygiene routine is highly advisable.
I am assuming that we all want to maintain a bright, beautiful white smile well; eating these foods will take years off your appearance and gradually spoil your smile. Avoid certain types of foods that can stain your teeth....
Yellow labs are loving dogs but, they do have their challenges. Here are some tips on how to have a more confident puppy and also, how to combat their mouthing issues.
We have already been through Bugg's morning routine, we are now carrying on with his afternoon play time. I also added a tip that I use for Bugg, while he goes through his teething stage.
There are a few things to consider before owning a puppy, so he does not end up in the local dog rescue centre.
Sometimes as a parent you are so busy that you do not think about things you might not be able to see such as teeth that have not appeared yet. However, taking care of your child's teeth is imperative to their health.
Nothing hurts you more than seeing your one year old in so much pain his face is swollen, and he is crying for no reason.
Aren't puppies the cutest thing you ever seen? They are so cute and cuddly and clumsy. Most people take puppies over having babies! So, you went out and got yourself a puppy, you have never had a puppy before, what do you do? What type of food do you feed it, hard or soft? How do you ...
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