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The story of the first part of creation, when God created man in his own image, mankind succumb to the wiles and tricks of Satan, that brought about the fall of Adam and Eve. an event which would eventually lead to exclusion from the garden of Eden.
Once again I'll succumb to my whims, Once again I'll regret.
Our faith is the bedrock of our morals; It is through our Faith that we rise above evil
When thoughts on temptation take over, Pray to God, do the right thing, let God Handle it.
No need to copy other people or be fashioned after and adapted to their external superficial customs. Instead be transformed by the entire renewal of your mind. Fix your attention on our Loving Creator. Be the original you were created to be ~ not some copy others may want you to b...
This poem is about how; we are attracted, to other people. Sometimes temptation causes us, to want to give into, our deepest desires.
We are all born as warm and loving beings, but we are also born with a dark side, what Christians may refer to as "original sin." In order for us to control or rid ourselves of these demons, we must first make friends with them.
The question is if you are going to worry ~ why spend time praying? If you're going to pray ~ in faith ~ about your situation ~ there is absolutely no reason to worry!
Sometimes we pay for just that one moment we let loose, and we enter the realm of responsibility for a little carelessness.
Yes that cash for gold has been like a thorn in the sides of many countries
This poem delves into the minds of two people going through lustful temptation
Buried deep within all of us is a streak of sadistic cruelty...sometimes it surfaces as sex, other times as worse things but we wont go this if you dare...
when you need to choose between what your heart desires and what your mind feels is right...which one should arise as the winner...??? This question arises in everyone's life,so,its better to find its answer before its too late..
This article is about the good and bad temptations in our life.
I was walking the grounds of Camelot and nearer and nearer as I went towards the cliff's edge, a voice beckoned me on until from within I was called to a great poem from 1765 about Queen Guenevere
Engaging in premarital sex violates scripture and gets a couple off to the wrong start.
I have an opinion about what the computer and internet which can negative or positive. I have experienced this. I have mentioned some of the sites that I have enjoyed.
Providence offered me a way out, but I had to say no.
Short lived loves are some loves that are just flings and can be more complicated than we expect.
No temptation has taken man which is not common, we are tested every day of our lives, and we get the victory when we put our trust in the Lord, Jesus did not yield to temptation,
A priest is tested by the Devil as he is seduced by a young girl pursuent to a bet. The priest wonders at the morals of the present generation as in the final analysis the Devil loses
We tend to blame circumstances and other people for our predicaments in life when, in fact, we have a free will with which to choose our own direction and destiny.
We consider the conversations we sometimes have with ourselves deep within to be mere thoughts about the circumstances in our lives. Beware, you might not be having those conversations with yourself.
Making full use of the experiences of others, did not even seem like a viable option to us.
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