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This is a tribute article concerning my top ten favorite secular or not necessarily Christian songs from the year 2011. Because of all the profanity and explicit suggestions in the popular music of today, I am always looking for songs that are clean, fresh and positive.
Oh dear me... here I enumerate the ratties who try to make my life a misery...they Do Not Succeed instead I use them as inspiration to write such a page as thank you and if the cap fits wear it....
Have you heard of the the 4th Commandment: Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy? For those of you who are familiar with the Commandment regarding the Sabbath, do you really understand what it means? It is time to learn what it means, and what it means about when to worship God.
Another not at all definitive list of the bottom ten films I have seen. There are definitely others that are worse, but these are list worthy.
Although these are some of my favorite movie quotes, this is not a complete list of them. Choosing the "Top Ten" is not easy when there are so many memorable quotes.
Poem about realization. About getting older and realizing how things change. How your life can change.
Ten-pin bowling may seem like an easy sport, but just pick up a ball and throw it down the lane ... you will soon think differently.
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