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'Bugging out' means to flee danger. And when you need to bug out, you need a means to do so, and a place to go.
The Bug Out Bag is a vital piece of equipment to a survivalist. But some survivalists fill their BOB with odd things.
An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. Here are some that survivalists use a lot.
The Survivalist community is afraid of a great many things. Here are some of the most frequently cited worries.
An examination of the history of Survivalism in the U.S. from the beginning to current days.
A look at the movement / philosophy known as Survivalism, and why it is not well regarded in the U.S.
A review of the apocalyptic novel "Patriots" about the collapse of civilization in the U.S. and the attempt of a small group to survive.
When an older woman tries to explain why she joined a feminist group, she gets flustered and unsure of herself.
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