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The world today is facing very dire conditions. Global famine and acute fresh water shortages will trigger more violence and bloodshed if these conditions remain.
Choose your venom carefully because what goes around that comes around !!
Statistics vividly demonstrate that since the George W. Bush administration launched its global War on Terror, far from arresting it, terror across the globe has increased exponentially.
America's declaration of war against terror is a brilliant tactic put into place by militarists and corporatists in order to assure unending profit.
Our knee-jerk reactions to terrorism are just what the terrorists want. Are we about to play into their hands again?
The world has been made unsafe as well as destabilizing our own economy by the inept policy decisions made by US elected officials.
The world and USA is focussed on Iran, forgetting that the bigger menace is Saudi Arabia
Osama Bin Laden is dead and gone, but a new controversy about his death has started and is likely to gain more traction with the passage of time.
I will talk about why people becomes terrorist in my own opinion, why they fight and die without fear so that they can prove what they believe in.
In their search for meaning and righteousness, people join causes that resonate with their hearts. Some, attempt to resolve the world’s injustices by turning to politics.
Most Islamic nations have a blood bath at every opportunity. This cannot be explained by any rational man. What is it that leads to so much blood shed?
Kenyans are yet to be convinced that the e-policing will be used reasonably and justifiably without infringing on their "human dignity,equality and freedom"
The terrorism label is reserved for Muslims. Almost everybody else gets a pass.
Religious fanatism is dividing the world. Tremors of terror are being felt across the globe every now and then. Terrorism has embarrassed humanity and there is no justification to ruthless killing of innocent people. Freedom of expression should be respected , its our fundamental righ...
America is now in a state of perpetual war. It has now become impossible to see any end to it. The war mongers have triumphed in the face of a whole population that is fearful, subdued, thoroughly propagandized, compliant.
Who are the men traded for US citzen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl? Read about one of the five here.
Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, one of the five Taliban leaders traded for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Read his short biography in terrorism here.
Learn about one of the Taliban Five. This man was traded, along with four others, for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl.
Five top Taliban prisoners were traded for US citizen/soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Learn about Mohammad Omari here.
Read about Mullah Mohammad Fazl, one of the five men traded for US soldier/citizen Bowe Bergdahl.
With the kidnapping of almost 300 girls, Nigeria's problems with Boko Haram hit the mainstream media. But this country is not unfamiliar with the terrorist group. Boko Haram has been ravaging this country in its effort to install it's own caliphate.
As a member of the Border Patrol, I was sent to investigate a missing shepherd.
To hear some people tell it, ISIS may very well kill us all, and so may Ebola. Take your pick, because according to our mainstream media and many politicians, the threats to our health and safety are enormous. Be afraid, everybody, be very afraid.
Who is the man behind Islamic Caliphate? From al Qa'ida in Iraq (AQI) to Islamic State (IS), read about it here.
Boko Haram is terrorizing Nigeria. Find out about the group here.
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