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The policies of government for the last 35 years have paved the way for Americas decline
Today the Republicans and Donald Trump have only intensified to a new low of intelligence in Washington.
Remembering a time in the not too distant past compared to the realm of reality facing millions the world over
Today the United states is ushering in policies that will plunge the world into darker times
Why the United States continues to use military force in areas all over the world when ever there is conflict.
Yet, another chapter in the book titled "The Last Faberge`
Recent terror outrages across the Western world have led to the belief in a vast Islamist conspiracy, but is there another, more plausible explanation?
The world today has turned black and gray. Where storm clouds of violence are sweeping all across the land.
The horrific assault on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida was indeed an evil deed but the real cause of it will go unrealized by most. This article will identify the cause.
The world today is a tempest of terror brought on by foreign policy decisions and military action from the past 40 years
There are too many hate-mongers in the world today and this isn't simply a case of Donald Trump's desire to register all Islamic people in the USA. It seems that part of a western agenda is the need to create turmoil across the world, create hatred focused against a billion people wor...
Today there is a real sense of urgency to make what could have been a reality.
The year of 2015 is probably going to be remembered as the year when so many died because of guns.
This is a poem for my fellow Americans, but also for all those globally that have felt the scourge of terroism and the unimaginable grief of lost loved ones. Unfortunately, I wrote this with deep sadness in my heart. However, it was also a priveledge to write it; a priveledge I hold d...
Will humanity fall back into the caves or will mankind finally erase their savage inherited contempt for the sanctity of life?
Statistics vividly demonstrate that since the George W. Bush administration launched its global War on Terror, far from arresting it, terror across the globe has increased exponentially.
What is needed to eradicate the most horrific terrorist groups that continue to attack civil society.
America's declaration of war against terror is a brilliant tactic put into place by militarists and corporatists in order to assure unending profit.
Our knee-jerk reactions to terrorism are just what the terrorists want. Are we about to play into their hands again?
was there two weeks ago and share the grief with the French and show my solidarity with my lines!
Terror has again stuck in the dark of the night. On a fall night again the chaos ensued brought on by the evil intentions of man.
In fact India and the West is a crane who is standing on one leg closing his eyes pretending that he is sleeping.
The search of histories most elusive treasures and stopping world war III depends on the success of the Hardy expedition and two secret service agents.
The US is the fountainhead of terror. American policy based on a one point agenda of opposing Russia has turned sour and was extremely short sighted
The world is on the verge of chaos. It seems a new world disorder is going to commence soon.
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