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I have been a secretary for many years, and most of the time, I send the same type of letters to different people. Mail merging has helped me a lot in doing my job particularly on mass mailing. This article explains how to mail merge documents.
One of the Philippines' wonders is the Hundred Islands National Park, a tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Be mesmerized with its beauty and charm.
It was a nice surprise coming back after a brief absence being paid by two writing sites at the same time. Wikinut and Expertscolumn just paid me for my writing.
It seems to me as if the year 2012 just started, but September is almost over and in just a few months, we’re starting another year. Holidays are coming soon and most of us think of gift-giving. This article talks about the upcoming holidays and ideas where to find gift items that...
It has been 3 weeks since I came back from vacation from my native Philippines. Although my vacation was not long, I had the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful places in the country, the island of Palawan.
I have been away for more than a month, but I am back with great news. Since this is my 80th article, I would like this to be something special that will touch my readers' hearts. Enjoy reading!
Have you ever wondered what seashells can be turned into? There are lots of beautiful items that are made of seashells. In the Philippines alone, where skilled handicraft workers are abundant, you can find a lot of finished products that are made of seashells.
I have been craving for Buko Salad, my favorite Filipino dessert. It makes me feel like going to the Philippines just to have it. Good thing, we have Asian stores in the United States, where I can find the ingredients to make it.
Life is a very precious gift, and we are so blessed to experience it. In life, we all have journeys to take, and along the way, we experience many things. Let our lives be worthwhile.
Summer is the time when we can do a lot of things outdoor. One fun activity for kids and adults alike is kite flying. There is more fun in it if done with family and friends.
Love can make us happy or heart broken. Finding the right person to love is not easy, but true love can make us appreciate and enjoy life. This poem describes what true love is.
There are things that are so hard to express in words, and only actions can do best. Sometimes, we just let our gesture speak for itself in order to relay the message we try to convey. In this poem, such feeling is expressed through a kiss.
July 4th has become a very important day for me for many years now because I celebrate this day as a Filipino-American. I'm sure most Filipino-Americans do the same way, and this article will explain why.
There are many types of flowers in the Philippines that I like so much, which I seldom see here in the United States. It's probably because these flowers are tropical and can only live in warm areas. This article will tell you what those flowers are.
If you love gardens, then Summer is the best time to enjoy them. Butchart Gardens is one of the best gardens in North America. If you happen to be in Canada, visit the Butchart Gardens and enjoy every minute of your stay.
Love can be expressed in many ways... in speech, writing, gestures, or gifts. This poem expresses it in flowers.
Love is so powerful that it sometimes makes us speechless and unable to say what we had to say, but it's true that actions can express our feelings best.
If you are thinking of things to do or where to go for the remaining days of Spring and during the Summer, plan on visiting the Farmers Markets or Outdoor Markets. You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, beautiful handmade crafts, woodcarvings, and many other things. Check your c...
I was inspired to write this poem when one day, I was watering the plants, I saw some butterflies flying around the flowers. It was a delightful sight.
Deep within us, there's light. When we do good things to others, that's the time when we sparkle and shine. I wrote this poem after reading a quote from Elisabeth Kubler Ross about stained glass art.
I always enjoy playing word games. Doing so helps me broaden my vocabulary and master my spelling. This is my way of relaxing and learning during my spare time.
When I visited Philippines last January, I got the opportunity to dine with my family at Dads Restaurant, which caters a great bountiful buffet of delectables. It serves a wide range of quality food at reasonable prices.
The city of Portland is gearing up for its annual Rose Festival Parade, highlighting its 100th year celebration. This event will feature hundreds of rose species that decorate several floats parading in the streets of Portland, Oregon.
I never knew how to drive when I came to the United States. Driving was one of the things I needed to do when I got to this country. My experience will tell you what I went through before I finally got my driver's license.
We all encounter difficulties in life that we sometimes tend to lose hope. We struggle to overcome these difficulties, but as long we have faith, there will always be hope. After each storm, God sends us rainbows.
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