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A fairly recent study shows that teens who overuse cell phones may indeed be risking their education. These teens tend to read less and isolate themselves from perusing an education.
Many parents wonder about teens using the cellphone way too much, this articles reports a study whereby cellphones were said to be helpful with teen development.
Well soup to nuts again in my own inimitable way! but I cry at man's inhumanity to animals, Nature and to themselves for they know not what they is name of game now but where did humanity go...
A mother realizes her daughter needs to learn to write an actual letter. She does not foresee many of the issues that come up during this process.
Are text acronyms creating a faux English that will eventually wipe out grammar? Or are you confused about the messages you receive from younger friends and family? There is help, but hopefully it is not too late.
The Case Against Vybz Kartel reveals the breach of Privacy by Cell Phone Companies
This is a list of a few reasons to chose the Ipod touch 4G over a cell phone with a plan.
Boogietext is a scam, so if this should come in your e-mail put it in your scam files. I know it is a scam because I asked to many questions and they told me I couldn't join because I had the wrong mind set, so when you get into my blog you can read some of the e-mails that the suppor...
The ways of modern communication leave a lot to be desired. A text does not a love letter make.
There are may drivers on the road who in their own way can produce problems for the others.
It is amazing how the electronic world has really captured the attention of all ages.
How the fast development in the world of technology, has really captured and captivated most of the younger generation.
Social networking destroyed this man's life. Don't let it happen to you too.
The kids of the future. How technology has changed how we communicate. We will be able to exist in ten years with no need to speak.
Have we not gained enough leisure time through the use of our technology, to communicate with each other more expressively?
I have certain feelings against the way people put things on the internet. “The Texting Generation” is the generation I’m from, I take this as an insult. For I don’t text, if I want to go ahead and make something through writing, I type the whole word in; whereas some use the ...
It all started with LOL. also known as laughing out loud. "What does that mean? my mother asked," as I chatted with my friend on AOL instant mes-sager one night. Mom, it means laughing out loud. this is what we reply to someone on line when something is very funny.
Privacy concerns should be taken into account when disposing of your cell phone device.
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