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An old-fashioned written sentence always stands for a well written one.
A legislative law to give permission to security agencies to have unrestricted access to online /offline activities of the british public is to be passed by the house of parliament.
Are text acronyms creating a faux English that will eventually wipe out grammar? Or are you confused about the messages you receive from younger friends and family? There is help, but hopefully it is not too late.
How long is it since you sent somebody a hand-written letter? How long is it since you have written and sent one? It is so easy to send a text or an email to convey information or greetings to friends. Hand-written letters are becoming less relevant in today’s technology driven soci...
There are many ways to celebrate the beginning of a New Year. Here are a few ideas.
Cell phones seems to be the way the majority of people communicate with one another these days. From adults all the way down to school age children, cell phones are popular amongst all ages. As they are great for keeping in touch with family, friends,work and most importantly if y...
Everyone seems to have one, but is it a good thing or not?
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