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An answer to the question to the origin of races, based on considerations of scripture and genetics.
Some introductory thoughts regarding the background of Genesis, chapter one, and a right perspective on it as true history, and inspired by God
Why spend money in meaningless best selling novels when there are other books that aren't best sellers, but they can be found in any good book shop and they can be as compelling as a latest fashionable one?
The Bible has been used a great deal of late to express belief, but what about The Bible and what it is telling us?
This articles is a brief discussion of the books of the Bible, the Torah and other Jewish religious books.
In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling the religious community is thumping thier Bibles and screaming that it's a sin. So what does the Bible say is a sin?
This article will be about why people don't always believe in Christianity. (TAKE NOTE THAT I AM CHRISTIAN)
The Bible says that God gave the Ten Commandments through Moses on the Mount Sinai. Thousands of years have passed since it was given to humanity. Are they applicable even today? Should they be updated? Or will God update his Ten Commandments?
God’s great love created everything, especially human beings. The whole Bible is a book that reveals the story of love. The Bible begins with the romantic story of Adam and Eve in te Book of Genesis and ends with another romantic story of God in the Book of Revelations.
Getting children to read is often difficult, but what happens when a teacher objects to that book?
Understanding the word of corruption in the Bible is actually in line with the act of it. Corruption is a moral and physical crime no less dangerous than terrorism. It is really an extraordinary crime
"A short history of the phrase, "The pen is mightier than the sword.'" It's possible future forms.
Religion is ultimate absolute faith in God,It is well known fact that faith brings God but argument makes it far. Religion makes the person humble and wide tolerance towards each and everyone,Those who are religious have ample faith in existence of the Gods and the Goddesses.
It is imperative that we ~ individually ~ become more concerned about what God thinks about us than what people may think about us. Moreover ~ It helps greatly to realize that ~ all things are possible to him who believes.
Mistranslations of ancient Hebrew can lead to some misunderstandings.
A question that has been ridiculed, debated, disagreed and agreed upon by so many people within our society today. Does the book of the Apocalypse a threat or a fulfillment of a long time promise?
I believe it is time for the truth to be told to all who would listen. It matters not what name you call God, what really matters is that you believe! The following is an expression of my faith and understanding. I encourage all of you to seek your own with an open heart and mind. May...
We really have to look at the word of Yahweh with both optical and spiritual lenses…one thing looks a certain way using metaphors and similes but in the natural is the total opposite unless light is shone there. No wonder we can’t get it if we haven’t been taught to think this w...
What is the symbolic meaning of using those aromatic substances such as incense? When they are burnt smoke rises up. They exhale perfume during combustion and fragrance when these substances and spices are burned as an act of worship.
Readers not ready to read a new concept articulated in my poetry as opposed to their traditional grasp of religion, even philosophy, are advised to skip reading my page.
This article introduces you to the City of Jerusalem which is the home of God's chosen people in the Bible. Still known as the Holy City, Jerusalem holds a special place as God's city.
Looking at scripture and movies and life to try to figure out why we do the awful things we sometimes do.
Guide to a more accurate and in depth understanding of the Bible.
Comments, given in a respectful manner, but contrary to the author's beliefs, are being deleted, but attacks are made and allowed to remain on the page.. These are attacks, i.e. accusing me (Ivyevelyn) of needing, "a sexual experience with another woman" and being told to "*** OFF, s...
Rain has an important role in human life and prosperity. Recently a government in South India has allocated funds to conduct rituals and has asked all religions to pray for rain. Should a government go for performing such poojas?
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