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What the Act of 1871 has done is adversely affecting all Americans financial well being
What England's exit from the EU means for the United States.
The United States economy continues to have a ripple effect causing more misery and suffering to millions of Americans.
The legacy of President Obama can still be one of hope, and prosperity for all Americans.
Christmas time where the joy of the season fills the air. Well that may be true for the 1% but for millions of people not only here in the United States but through-out the world this holiday season is not one that is filled wit joy or hope.
the media has always played a vital role in keeping the wealth gap from closing.
There will be another housing bubble that will pop and sent the economy into a free fall if reforms are not put in place.
Why deflation is so devastating for any economy especially the US economy.
The basis of our economy in the US is a capitalistic one. But, it is not working for the majority of Americans and any other majority of citizens in countries that use capitalism as a basis for their financial markets and economy.
The comeback of the Dollar as the worlds first currency, how long will it reign?
Empowering the public with the means to arise above the abyss of poverty.
The crisis of our times where injustices have paved the way for racial intolerance and an economic divide that continues to threaten society.
What is needed to make the US take a first step leading to a more secure and stable future.
The true nature of a financial calamity that is about to strike the US and then the world.
How our financial institutions and our own government have deceived the American Public and put this countries economic and financial future at risk.
A sad reality of the housing market that really is another bubble that is poised to burst.
The harsh reality of federally allocated funds that are supposed to reach the people who need it but that money is either diverted, delayed or partly received.
What the Republican party must try to do to win the White House in 2016
Why the United States is caught in a financial quandary and the demise to the US dollar is eminent.
The United States still faces it's toughest challenges for the revival of the economy.
A reform of the Food Stamp program is essential for the health of this nation.
Is the United States headed toward open rebellion like the French Revolution?
The monetary policy of the United States continues to cause damage to our economy.
The United States is still tangled in a economic nightmare brought on by the greed of a few whose decisions continue to make the America Dream impossible to achieve.
The sad new found reality in today's economy for the United States.
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