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Please excuse me, I have been so sick these last few days, I promise when I get home tomorrow I will read all my friends and get caught up as best I can. My only tip for you is not to get old. This poem is about spirit and hope as we float through space on this old rock of ours.
Sometimes I have to stop and wonder what the price of love is.
About unpublished story that Hemingway wrote,and,"Vanity fair" refuse to publish
Edward Snowden, self-professed leaker of NSA classified documents on surveillance programs is on the lamb.
New article published in response to The Guardian's depressing video broadcast last week subtly but quite clearly stirring moral panic over the career prospects of 2012 UK grads. Although the employment situation has obviously been better, I equally do not feel doomed to life in a cal...
The Comedian and writer Charlie Brooker launches his acerbic, scathing attack on the world in his latest collection of Guardian Columns.
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