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Since I wanted my first piece of writing of 2016 to be wonderful, lovely, beautiful and to earn me many laurels I took some time to find a suitable subject.
The Theory of Evolution has turned out to be very much popular to the vision of those people who regard this transitory life to be nothing but the source of gratifying luxuries, wills and wishes in the life without any conscious of being accountable to any super authority for their wa...
Steve Kinsman wrote a Wikinut page titled, "Teaching Creationism in our Public Schools" (please see the link at the end) and there are many views expressed by other writers and readers in connection with the content in that page. I wrote this page to express my views.
The article mainly discusses the much controversial and discussed episode of the life of the famous scientist Charles Darwin who propounded the Theory of Evolution. The controversy mainly arose when a woman named “Lady of Hope” claimed that she was at the deathbed of Darwin where ...
Although life on Earth carries on regardless, many are convinced that there has to be more to this cradle-to-the-grave existence and are seeking answers that they can rely on.
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