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It is a fact many lead a guilt filled life unable to shake off what weighs them down. Once the causes are identified we can re-calibrate our thinking, even do a reboot if necessary, to lead ourselves to a path of fulfillment that is on auto-pilot.
Did have you a stressful day? Or do you need a bath that would rejuvenate and cleanse your skin? Then why not try a traditional Japanese bath, it promises to soothe away all those aches and pains....
I have a habit of insomnia and it assists my skill set...weird, I understand. I feel more apt to write late nights than any other time of the day, more than likely because I hardly have the time any other time of the day. My newest piece: Late Night Writing...thinking of a special som...
Depression can be traced clear back to Hippocrates!There are many in this world who feel they have no life, some to the extent of giving up and ending life. Traumatic experiences, isolation, and overall feelings of worthlessness creates pain and misery. But you can come out a winner!
November is the month of mourning and grieving according to the Christian traditions. Most of the Christians commemorate their demised relatives and friends, visit cemeteries and pray for them. Etiquette of grief is an art expressed in many aesthetic ways.
This article looks at how brisk walking affects our mind and body. It explores the idea that walking cleanses mind, body and even the soul.
This page is about various therapy and classes. Therapeutic classes are important to the persons who is requiring the special care.
Here I tried to reconciliate my failing soul from the glimpse of Light, a heavenly wisdom showered upon my tired intellect. Am I clear in this expression?
When looking for a cure for shyness (or the more serious counterpart social phobia), keep in mind that it didn't just happen, and it won't go away instantly. The chances are great that if you are shy today, you will have shyness every day for the rest of your life.
Apart from being a delicious and versatile vegetable, the beetroot has some very beneficial health properties.
Writing is my Life, and It helps me to express emotions I might normally suppress.
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