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Kevin and Snuifie are trying to catch the livestock thief that arrogantly thought he would just come and steal Kevin's sheep, but the thief keeps eluding them.
Kevin and Snuifie come face to face with the sheep thief, sent to steal all their sheep. But is this M.U., or just someone working for him?
Kevin Sweefarend is visited during the night by Snuifie the messenger boy, who brings him a very conceited letter, informing him of the Better World Project and its intent to steal Kevin's sheep.
Denial. Denial is usually an accused's first defence. But denying that you don't know anything about stolen property you're holding at that very moment? That takes some convincing.
A personal observation of the author on the proliferation of plagiarism in macro blogging. a serious crime that can put anyone into trouble be it a professional, or a student.
It happens once every 100 years. A person is born who can become invisible. A Wall. But in Laura Ruby's book, The Wall and the Wing, the sometimes-invisible orphan girl (name Gurl) thinks she is anything but special. But she finds a cat and turns truly invisible for the first time, an...
The story traces the lives of four individuals born at the same time but into completely different environments. The idea for the story comes from a poem of the same name by two nineteenth century songwriters Charles William Glover and Joseph Edwards Carpenter.
Is somebody stealing some of your processing power? Yes, I can see someone is!! P.T. Butters, you mental thief!! I'll show you!
Crazy, I would never thought but my I looked outside my bedroom and saw my neighbor ac machines being robbed. It's scary but robberies are on the rise in Vegas and everywhere else too due to poor economy.
This is a short story about a writer who is writing a novel. He refuses to believe in anything interesting or sudden and is sure that everything is a part of a system. But when a thief crashes his house and tries to take him hostage, his view of life is changed as the improbable seems...
A poem about a golden carp that was stolen from my garden pond yesterday. All my family are of course a little upset.
A short poem about being woken up in the night and finding a thief. Don`t be brave just call the police.
This page is about detecting and finding the thieves using the modern anti theft equipment
It so amazing how someone can play upon a person's belief to their advantage.
Leading expert in finances and business advises you on how to make sure you are not tricked out of your money.
A Little 6 year old girl that almost gets attacked,in a '69 Dodge Charger as her parents shop in a super-market.
This is something that happened and it was such a time for laughter.
This is about cute five characters of cartoon world. Tom and Jerry cartoon is based upon the comic fights between an iconic set of enemies, a house cat and mouse. Thief and Police are also that kind of characters like Tom and Jerry. Doremon is also a cat who has magical gadgets and a ...
Have you ever had someone read your diary or journal? It makes you feel as violated as when someone breaks into your home and goes through all your belongings.
Angry spirits would fill the air, it didn’t bother her, she simply didn’t care, sometimes there would be a suppressed whimper of fear, she would have no scruples whatsoever about robbing tombs, she would stain the night............
They say nobody knows for whom one is really working; so intricate are the ways of life.
Sometimes appearances can be decieving. This is a short story set in 19th century New England about a serving girl suspected of stealing from her employer.
~I’m real~I’m human~but I’m not an ordinary man~no no no~Jim Morrison ~does the hellbound howl at you?~Nietzsche~ you haven't got long before you are all going to kill yourselves, ~Charles Manson~thus I pacified Psyche & kissed her~Poe~Jesus is the bomb~do you see him~
When someone steals for profit and party or for the purpose of drug use, this is a problem that society has created for themselves.
A reminder that perfectionism doesn't exist and to keep focus on the more important things in life.
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