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Everyone wants to grab power and position in life. But most of the people conveniently forget about the responsibility and accountability that the position brings with it. The Sanskrit saying insists that when you take a position you should remember the responsibilities that come with...
Thanksgiving Day is not the only day to thank. It is a reminder that we should thank for everything throughout our life. An ancient Tamil saint who wrote the famous work “Thirukkural” has pointed out why thanking is so important in our life.
Anger is an emotion. Normally, it is a healthy emotion. But when it gets out of control, it becomes so furious that it can break relationships and cause heavy damages. Hence it is necessary to learn to control anger before it controls you.
Another World Literacy Day has passed without any ripple. The International Literacy Day is observed on 8 September every year. In spite of the efforts of world nations, many of the African and Asian countries have not achieved even 50% literacy.
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