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Thought processing s a manner in which we across the Internet share ideas... Without superimposing ourselves... Let each one think for oneself Who AM I?
Should you follow your heart or your head? You're torn between the 2 ... which road do you take? The risky one or the safe one? The emotional way or the logical way? This is not a lecture. I have to admit that most of my decisions have been emotionally driven because I tend to think a...
If you had the ability to counsel yourself, what would you tell yourself? If you could stand back, objectively observe yourself through life, would that change the way you live your life?
This article is pretty much about the life that happens spiritually as well as what we receive between the ears in our brain from the spirit, in that order. However, when we are serious about our end results, all things come into play spiritually and physically to create those ends.
Thoughts for future Generations..Some time ago I wrote a few words on thoughts we and future generations ought to seed and nourish A leading poet here we all know CD Moore gave life and soul to my thoughts I came by those once again and then they did not give her a Star.Later Mark di...
Moses teaches that leaders do not always appear to be the ones that are most popular, because god choose people who he knows are quiet capable to complete the assign task. Ensure that there is a prayerful atmosphere and dismiss all negative attitude by seeking God’s guidance for tha...
What you think affects a lot of aspects in your life. If you aren't aware I advised you to read this. If you are wanted to change the way you think you should read this. Or if you just want to see a different point of veiw take a look at this.
Often people will think about and talk about what is happening to them and have ideas about their future care but then don’t record whats is important to them.
Vibrations don't just happen on your hip because someone's calling or texting. Vibrations are everywhere and everyone and everything has them. Here's how to recognize, decipher and shift your own vibe by just using your thoughts!
Why does love, dating and relationships have to be so hard to understand. So very tired of being confused!!
The ramblings in my brain sometimes lead me down a path of self realization.
The title says it all. A poem about yearning, guilt, regret and hope.
Dedicated mainly to individuals who are different. Society these days often confuses different to mean weird which leads certain people to shy away from these individuals in the belief that they are creepy. It is only because society does not understand these individuals that they att...
Looks at how love can capture the heart, and how it feels to be totally in love. It describes the chemistry that exists between two people that are meant for each other and often spell-bind each other.
This page is dedicated to those who like words of wisdom mixed with a little humour. It is meant to make the reader think intellectually as well as lightly.
Designed to help people think about their actions, thoughts, behaviours, lifestyles, routines and attitudes on subjects such as love, friendship, appearances and academic life
Designed mainly for the intellectuals, but also to appeal to people in a way that makes them think about their way of life. This page attempts to help people to learn daily and not just to accept their thought patterns and behaviour patterns
The comments as such build my heart to tears.. Some one is listening and some one cares. I live my life each day with the thoughts that ramble on inside of me ... I put them away to later think about. Stumbling on the website Wikinut... Hawaiians call Wiki... .Fast. That makes me la...
Have you ever taken a tour through your noggin. It is amazing what people have stored in their heads. There is unlimited space so you can store all you want. Just don't get too close and go over the edge. Know what I mean?
This article looks at how people with different cultural as well as racial backgrounds can relate to each other with harmony and respect. It explores how these differences can actually enable us to learn more about human relations and makes for interesting conversations and interactio...
This page is about changing our mindset in a positive way with positive thoughts
Takes a look at how we portray ourselves to different kinds of people and the reasons behind these kinds of portrayal. These splits are slightly more pronounced depending on the situation and what we are tring to achieve.
A deep look at human thought patterns, philosophies and other mental aspects that cause us to take certain decisions. It explores and expands on the opinion that the real danger to our lives and freedom is indeed our very own thoughts
Attitudes that we all face could be compared to the story of an Indian Chief who led a young man to accepting Christ into his heart. Afterwards the man said: "Well now it's like I got two Dogs fighting inside of me, a white Dog and a black Dog!" Well, the Chief said, "Which one is w...
Some quests end in unexpected manners. My quest for finding my Alter Ego --- was a journey i shall always remember...
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