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Thought processing s a manner in which we across the Internet share ideas... Without superimposing ourselves... Let each one think for oneself Who AM I?
Everything in reality comes down to movement and vibration, including thought and gross physical realities. When I think of influencing things like dice and basic mental control, these are also based on manipulating vibrations, especially thought in relation to physical reality.
Thinking about the nature of reality, I can honestly admit that sanity and normality seem like the most important parts of it. To that end, I am writing this article exploring the nature of sanity, insanity, normality, abnormality and all the other related things in my mind about what...
Equations of a Being: A being who gathered Moss is a collection of thought pieces pertaining to existential spectrum.
Mahatma Gandhi was born on the 2nd of October, 1869. After his early education in India, he went to England to qualify himself for the bar. He became a barrister.
If you had the ability to counsel yourself, what would you tell yourself? If you could stand back, objectively observe yourself through life, would that change the way you live your life?
Did you know that on average, the brain weighs between 1300 and 1400 grams (2.87 to 3.1 pounds). Your state of mind is a major influence in your life. The accomplishments in all areas of life — work, family, sports, social whatever’s … are to some extent due to your state of mi...
An attempt to reflect the nuances of a thinker, and how he reach to a Virtue.
Well, the deep mind cannot take a joke, so give it your deepest most serious ideas and goals repeatedly. I will give suggestions, but you must adapt them to your own life in an individual manner.
The thinking performer is always rewarded with good results, even when they seemingly fail, because they are willing to act. The other day, I read a good book on kissing procrastination goodbye, this article was inspired by that book and my own observations also. Willingness to act qu...
We are all ultimately responsible for ourselves, especailly if we have the consciousness behind ourselves. Ultimately we are as genuinely successful and happy as we make up our minds to be through our actions.
This article is pretty much about the life that happens spiritually as well as what we receive between the ears in our brain from the spirit, in that order. However, when we are serious about our end results, all things come into play spiritually and physically to create those ends.
Thoughts for future Generations..Some time ago I wrote a few words on thoughts we and future generations ought to seed and nourish A leading poet here we all know CD Moore gave life and soul to my thoughts I came by those once again and then they did not give her a Star.Later Mark di...
These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.
Well, suicide can be committed, and life can be escaped for a moment, but existence cannot be escaped really. Realistic solutions in life and existence must always be considered and this is what this article is about. Because existence cannot be really escaped no matter how hard anyon...
What you think affects a lot of aspects in your life. If you aren't aware I advised you to read this. If you are wanted to change the way you think you should read this. Or if you just want to see a different point of veiw take a look at this.
This poem speaks about the thought, Which can bring lots of changes in your life, And which can also encourage you to come up in your life.
India is in midst of its Parliamentary elections, and has never witnessed such blatant display of pseudo secularism by political parties. An expression by the author.
Perfection is an idea, but causes are realities. Effects are the results, not the core of those realities for good or bad. Causes are the genuine core of everything when really considered.
Sure, this is about using intuition genuinely productively to makes "games of chance" more like "games of certainty" through intuition.
Vibrations don't just happen on your hip because someone's calling or texting. Vibrations are everywhere and everyone and everything has them. Here's how to recognize, decipher and shift your own vibe by just using your thoughts!
Thoughts, beliefs and the power to change the course of life
The power of individual's thoughts in the shaping of our society
At times when I read some lovely poem vibrations as musical as these emanate So i narrate..
Many folks have different ideas about meditation ------This is a simple process and can be performed just any where ......even in a moving bus.....God has no play in human meditation...
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