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Thought processing s a manner in which we across the Internet share ideas... Without superimposing ourselves... Let each one think for oneself Who AM I?
Did you know that on average, the brain weighs between 1300 and 1400 grams (2.87 to 3.1 pounds). Your state of mind is a major influence in your life. The accomplishments in all areas of life — work, family, sports, social whatever’s … are to some extent due to your state of mi...
Thoughts for future Generations..Some time ago I wrote a few words on thoughts we and future generations ought to seed and nourish A leading poet here we all know CD Moore gave life and soul to my thoughts I came by those once again and then they did not give her a Star.Later Mark di...
These are things in my mind i woke up with, pleas read and enjoy, my mind was full and needed to express it.
We dream of things, events and people. We may not have the control over what we want to dream about. But dreams certainly lets us realize that there are certain events that we like to hold on to.
Why does love, dating and relationships have to be so hard to understand. So very tired of being confused!!
At times when I read some lovely poem vibrations as musical as these emanate So i narrate..
The title says it all. A poem about yearning, guilt, regret and hope.
One of my first poems, and probably still one of my favourite ones. Regards love, family, relationships and death/suicide.
Many folks have different ideas about meditation ------This is a simple process and can be performed just any where ......even in a moving bus.....God has no play in human meditation...
Dedicated mainly to individuals who are different. Society these days often confuses different to mean weird which leads certain people to shy away from these individuals in the belief that they are creepy. It is only because society does not understand these individuals that they att...
Designed to help people think about their actions, thoughts, behaviours, lifestyles, routines and attitudes on subjects such as love, friendship, appearances and academic life
A page from the dairy of a women deeply in love but confused and lost with many thoughts and mixed emotions.
Its a poem written by one person for the other person for whom he/she feels a lot and want his/her's presence in the life.
A poem about using your mind and your thoughts to help you gain more to life.
These few lines are an attempt from my side to somehow express that how and why a pain and grief laden person sometimes bring those pearls of noble thoughts and expressions.
Thinking of someone you care about, when they are so far away can bring such an ache to the heart, yet somehow those thoughts can cross a divide...Especially if he is thinking about you too...
To miss the company of a loved one when they are so far away, means that the imagination can create an airborne Lover as you take a lonely stroll with your own thoughts...Perhaps, as you are thinking of them, somehow they are there with you too...
Just how erotic do you find your shower, as the mind starts to drift...? An insight into one woman's thoughts, as she prepares for the day ahead....
I am seeing things in a more thoughtful light, contemplating the ramifications of the future.
I am blessed by the love of God, for he has given me a new family in the kingdom
The common phrase which is abusively said "Without love our life is nothing at all" and I believe it - because love heals the pain and agony of our hearts, homes and nations.
This poem is a thought process of the benefits of marriage at falling in love at first sight
For there is nothing i can do but to love you forever
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