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Malware generally refers to the computer programs that are designed to harm the legitimate users of the PC, who can be you too. Malware can be of so many forms, the most famous of all being computer viruses, but others are dangerous too, some even more so than viruses.
Showcase of some of my Cross stitch projects, from small to medium size
Make your own beautiful beaded jewelry without the use of an expensive kit.
In all our lives there are good times and difficult times ...but God promises to be with us whatever the time ....
Sewing is the process of fastening one piece of material to another by stitching with a needle and thread. Now, this seems like such a simple idea that you might imagine it was one of the first ever developed by man. And in fact it was.
It is hard to sew by hand when you can't get your needle threaded. Learn how to use the Clover needle threader to quickly and easily thread your needle every time!
This article gives you step by step instructions on how to thread a bobbin for a sewing machine.
The world may be set-up for couples, but I still have faith in the power of three. Three pieces of candy is greater than two.
With new socks being so cheap nowadays, hardly anybody feels the necessity of darning socks. But what about the hole in your expensive real sheep-wool socks or the socks Grandma hand-knitted as a Christmas present years ago? They've worn thin at the heels a bit and could be reinforced...
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