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this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
Some movies that you watch will be always remembered by you with a thrill. Time will not take away the thrill and the sense of elation when you think about them even after years.
So what am I gonna write here? The answer is easy. There is a new author here on Wikinut. She just published her first page a few days ago, and here is the review.
just another short poem about being alone on a hill and taking in the surroundings. This one appeals to me as it only took 5 minutes to write, off the cuff.
This is a short story about a writer who is writing a novel. He refuses to believe in anything interesting or sudden and is sure that everything is a part of a system. But when a thief crashes his house and tries to take him hostage, his view of life is changed as the improbable seems...
Medusa is a different kind of a poem, describing a nightmare; You invaded my world, a form glacial, gorgeous you appeared and perfect! But dismal evil, forbidding 'n' bifacial with thy figure scenic and bedecked. ................ ................
What makes life more thrilling? Here are what psychologists recommend:
We will to any lengths to find that one special person in our lives, which may fulfil all our aspirations, a heart with bliss is full of intrigue.
the eyes sometimes could be very deceiving.It may be the window of the soul, but it could also be the door to deception.
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