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this is a poem about the joys of loving someone and being with him or her
Soon people from earth will be reaching out into space through time travel Even with the possibility of danger in reaching out into space for a few moments, many wealthy people are willing to take the risk.
Experienced ghost hunters including the Southeast Idaho Paranormal Organization have checked into the hotel in an effort to establish if there is in fact any truth behind the almost 100 year old legend that the hotel is haunted by several entities that simply refuse to leave, and have...
Imagine this, everything goes fine in some ways, but that one thing at the end of your efforts messes up and goes wrong, then you have to do some things to correct that one thing. Sometimes it will lead to something better, sometimes the good has to be looked for in the situation that...
A short jingle about the mull of kintyre lighthouse, hard to get to and found all alone on the rocks taking the full force of the sea.
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