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thugs ruled North Indian plains and hills for 200 years and their terror ended after the British went after them
We hear of so much senseless violence on the news that it's easy to think that looting, thuggery and even murder is a sign of the times--but is it, really: pilliage and plunder, after all, have ancient antecedents.
A swindler tried to have a piece of land transferred to his name without paying a single cent.
This short story has been written to show the plight of many people in the world. Who go through similar circumstances? They fall in love and find out they are victims of domestic violence.
Like sheep without shepherd, folks can wander aimlessly in life; seeming lost, confused--and taking up a smugness borne of ignorance. Read and see what I'm talking 'bout.
Flo the pensioner shows what stern stuff she is made of.
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