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Nothing is greater than the power of Nature which can eradicate mankind with the blink of an eye.
The plagues come thick and fast now but a stubborn pharaoh refuses to let the children of Israel go and sacrifice to the Lord their God.
It's planting season on the farm and everyone is busy preparing the fields. Max has been fixing the farm equipment during the day and spending as much time as possible with Danielle. His devotion to Danielle shows in everything he does.
New Zealand based designer Richard Clarkson developed a Thunder cloud lamp light like cloud with lighting and thunder except rain. The cloud based light have audio visual and worked on Bluetooth device basis.
Sitting on my old chair in the back garden in summer time, clouds build in the distance and thunders rolls, it's going to rain.
Have you ever thought how often we take things and people for granted?
What kind of conversation do you have at your spiritual table of food?
Taking photos of lightening of the last few days as we've had storms here in California.
When we look to a stormy sky we all feel different. Perhaps these clouds bring out what we even hide from ourselves. This poem is my take on staring into the storm
A black sky burst open, it darkened everything around and it started to rain, Lightning flashed where land met the sky and for a second it was light again,
A poem reminiscening on a love. The one person you know was your soulmate
Noise pollution is increasing in the modern world day by day. It makes our pets scary and disturbed. How to protect them from getting upset?
Nature is natural, as when seen with natural eyes ....time is only an essence...
A spring storm reminds me of another time when thunder and lightning was nothing more than bowling pins and bowling balls.
On Thursday 14th May in Belfast Whitesnake and Thunder showed Journey just how to play a live gig
A story about an event that occured the other day.
Haiku that I have written on flowers and nature. I hope you enjoy reading them. Kindly let me know if I am breaking any rules of haiku, just started writing them.
Lightning flashed again and the field and woods could be seen as a snapshot, Farm animals are scared and dogs barking at the thunder and the falling rain,
Yes sometimes we can fine something to amaze us in the most unlike situations.
A poem about a dark cloud coming overhead what it creates and thought of better weather.
Short poem about the winding path leading to the end of my days,
Another in my series "The Fluffys" those little men that live in the clouds
This original poem was written by the author, Jeni Platt, in the year 2005. It vividly illustrates some of the beautiful things she loves.
Meme is in trouble as her mother suspects something is up...
As they say it take all types of people to make a world
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