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Another year merges....into the veil of time deep is the curtain ..heaven knows
Sometimes in life we simply need order, humour and a bit of help to keep up with everything. Reminder, reminder, so much to do and no cloning technology available yet...time to get an assistant.
Simple reality is the reality we must take one step at a time, after all a whole elephant cannot be digested at once. Somehow, as I was coming up with this article, I was thinking about a combination of plain patience and Allen Toussaint's song "Working In The Coal Mine". In reality, ...
These four tips will teach you the do's and don’ts of managing your time well.
I care not what am going through today I believe in tomorrow the consoler of sad years Of a truth, it's a thick darkness today but the sun will rise tomorrow and announce a new dawn I believe in tomorrow the healer of wounds Beware of tomorrow
We can make better use of our time if we are able to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent.
The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder.
There was a time When what will happen no one knows not even these two closest friends Who knows TOM'S DICK'S OR James?
Time ad infinitum This is about generations and time ...not any fuckin Toms Dicks Harris nor James flames
Time is filled with swift transition, and we really don't have much time left here on earth to make our wrongs right and our crocked paths straight, for time waits for no one.
With our hectic lifestyles many of us have trouble managing our time for maximum productiveness. This article will provide a few tips on how to do it.
And of time we have different minds mine as usual is uneek...yours is unique
Business entrepreneurs need to invest more than money and effort. They need to integrate the functioning of their work units by assigning the correct time to each activity. Time management therefore becomes essential to the working and profitability of a concern. Leisure time helps on...
Here is another serious look at the humorous side to time management. Free time does not require much management. We bring the cat into the article to find out how it manages time so well. We also see how technology is busy helping us spend our time so well.
Work is not only for the money and socialize but also looking for self-development. What happens when a lot of idle or empty time in our office because there are no jobs or task in it?
Recently the ruling party in the Centre lost Delhi elections because it was trying to enforce biometric data for attendance of the employees of the central government.
It seems this old world spins faster and faster every day while we try the best we can just to keep up leaving us forever wishing for a piece of time to call our own...Peace be with you.
Time Travel..Mankind has achieved a great milestone in human lifeIt's a leap forward into space and time.Time Travel has proved that man can achieve what your Gods assigned to the human genes
There always comes a time when we are totally free, have nothing to do or care about. What should we do in that time? How can we stay productive even in that part of the day? Well, there are various things you can do other than wasting that time. Lets dive in and find out.
As I'm staring out into space, I can't help but think about how overwhelmed I am with the project at hand, but I know once I complete it, I will feel a lot better and a sense of accomplishment. Our daily lives have become so busy, it's hard to try and even imagine cleaning. Here are a...
Last Friday, I decided to try automating again, this time with Hootsuite. I went with Hootsuite because several other local friends were using it successfully – so I knew I had help if I needed it. Hootsuite’s free account allowed me to automate posts to three sites. I chose my FB...
This article discusses what you can do to help you get more accomplished in a day.
This article discusses my time management system and how it has made me more productive in life.
What is time control, is there such a thing as time travel, or is time a figment of our imagination. Man has always been fascinated with controlling time, for whoever controls time is like a God himself.
"If you do what you have been doing, you will get what you have been getting. If you like your results, fine. If you do not like your results, change your actions." This may be a very old quote, but it is in the vein of what this series of articles on prophecy and divination are reall...
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