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Another year merges....into the veil of time deep is the curtain ..heaven knows
Time’s exodus Time and tide wait for no man said the greatest man but today it's different 'tis like Time’s exodus
The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder.
There was a time When what will happen no one knows not even these two closest friends Who knows TOM'S DICK'S OR James?
Time ad infinitum This is about generations and time ...not any fuckin Toms Dicks Harris nor James flames
Time is filled with swift transition, and we really don't have much time left here on earth to make our wrongs right and our crocked paths straight, for time waits for no one.
If time travel were possible could we really change the past?
Please excuse me, I have been so sick these last few days, I promise when I get home tomorrow I will read all my friends and get caught up as best I can. My only tip for you is not to get old. This poem is about spirit and hope as we float through space on this old rock of ours.
It seems this old world spins faster and faster every day while we try the best we can just to keep up leaving us forever wishing for a piece of time to call our own...Peace be with you.
Time Travel..Mankind has achieved a great milestone in human lifeIt's a leap forward into space and time.Time Travel has proved that man can achieve what your Gods assigned to the human genes
This flash fiction story is a continuation of my story, Last One Left.
This is a flash fiction story about me being a time traveller.
A conversation I had with a crazy man we found on our trip to St. Louis, the best part of the trip.
As we age and are about to leave the stage..We all are miniscule specks of time's insemination just to help the selfish gene
Here are some tips on how to time travel in the most efficient ways, so as not to loose out on your NOWS.
Time keeping is still very important we must not only see it but be able to hear the dingdongs Is our sight okay as well as hearing
This article discusses the ramifications of what I think would happen if I had a time machine to change my past. It says that I would not change my past due to that.
This poem was composed out of imagination over so many years ago I fail to recall when But its worth many a reads ere you /one can digest...
A review of Stephen King's latest novel "11/22/63."
My Time Isn’t Up, Friends. this poem was composed to day, when out of sheer frustration I had decided to quit. But manyof my dear friends messages, brought me to the facets of reality . So I decided to stay.
Revelation Of Time.Time alone can say in time what time reveals
What would you do, if the one you love can travel through time? Thrilling, right? But the story of Henry DeTamble, a librarian at the New Berry library in Chicago, and Clare Ashire, an artist of paper sculpture shows us how challenging it is to fight time.
When our economy started to slow, Fed cut interest rates, despite the concerns for inflation, banks held steady, so what is the price of urgency?
Is Time Travel Possible? If so should it be allowed? And how would it be done?
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