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Another year merges....into the veil of time deep is the curtain ..heaven knows
A small poem after two years of not writing. Comments are open.
The book of Genesis in poetry In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and God said let there be light and there was light
Time’s exodus Time and tide wait for no man said the greatest man but today it's different 'tis like Time’s exodus
Your achievements in this life, however extraordinary they may be, will not last the inescapable ravages of eternity. Everything is destined to be destroyed in a manner as if those never existed.
Even if we don't want to admit it, technology has changed our lives. Will our brain be able to copy with it? '
Make the time count for your well being. Use a structured analysis of the time to use for different things around the house or out of it. Travel or play, health or leisure – if you are aware of the limitation set by time, you will realize how precious it is.
Two inside one..At times one composes two poems smltaneously on hman life This is one such an example only
once again i take you through time and beyond writing many different aspects of life...some will fly with me ...others sink in the murk of their own natures..dark and empty....
Time is a luxury not all can afford. Quite the opposite. It can, with time, be your worst nightmare. Beyond your reach. Beyond your control. Only as it increasingly slips away, will you begin to realize just how valuable and irreplaceable is your loss.
Let us begin again from where it actually began for us.
Crazy I am so happy I secured a driver job. I am delivering some magazines, who knew how taxing this job can be? Pain ~ muscles in such pain!! Patience is being tested ..... seriously!!!!
The march of science and technology is gathering speed but our base, foundation, remains primitive. Only an inclusive journey – the oneness of creation embellished with the uniqueness in each of us – can carry the day. There is no one size fits all in the creative process that we ...
When you love someone deeply and time and distance is taking toll and gives you si much pain. You have to let him/her know. This poem is about emotions of a person desiring and ràving time from her love.
In this chapter of the EENDAG Video Novel, the Kevbot finally finds life on this planet he finds himself on...
We're at FNB and our lives are being wasted away, as some incompetent girl on the FNB staff is twiddling around this way on her computer and fucking about that way, but she simply doesn't have the competence to do anything.
One night I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room of Tower Mansion. Suddenly I get this urge to wish I could travel back in time and see how Tower Mansion came about. And what do you know, suddenly it's like the place just speaks to me and I can make out its history.
Welcome to the EENDAG puzzle! Our story will come together short bit by short bit until a great epic is revealed...
Time is a funny old concept, one which governs everything we do, but is time really that important in life.
Time, it certainly is a mystery. It's always there, but it can leave you stranded, wondering, where, where did it go? A precious commodity indeed. Yes, very precious is this thing we call time. These two short poems touch on this subject.
Every now and then I think about money and relaxation. This is my favorite leisure time management activity. Invariably, I end up writing an article about it and…so here we are. Time and leisure are like thieves who walk hand in hand. I find it difficult to tell the two apart…exce...
Following is the RSS tutorial which will help you and you will be able to get a healthier plan and understanding regarding what RSS is and the way it works.
We are provided with every tool to find meaning and purpose in our lives. We come with inborn awareness and inner knowing to make sense of the consequences of our actions. It is logical that, given such freedom, we make use of the opportunity to leave a positive legacy to show our gr...
Time knows no good until you decide to fill it – a very old saying. And it remains old because we think about it now and then. Pastime activities fill our time – and refresh us. Here we are going to see some intriguing places in North India and also, of course, how to fill time.
We can make better use of our time if we are able to distinguish between what is important and what is urgent.
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