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The Greek mythology of the Titans is a really interesting story. With gods and characters from other well known Greek myths, this is another opportunity to learn about ancient Greeks gods such as Zeus. Read on to find out more about the Titans, the twelve immortals who challenged Zeus...
This is a battle of a life time. Two power show that help resolve issuse in wide range of aspects; marriages, relationships, healthy, weight, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, mental and other psychological challenges. But show are highly inspirational and has had great impacts on not just A...
In the story of the Trojan war, Hera aided the Greeks in their war against Troy. She did this because she had said to be angry with the Trojan Prince Paris, prior to her lost in a beauty contest judge by Paris himself, together with goddesses Athena and Aphrodite
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Clash of the Titans reviewed by a very enthusiastic movie watcher.
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