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A day in hot summer where they both try to stick together each day and try to make others happy before their own comfort and wishes.
to a special person at that time meant something but wasn't meant to be.I hate when that happens. but my nana always says things happen for a reason.
I wrote this because I got upset of the boy games guys play when we were younger. so this is dedicated to those that played games with the girls hearts and also to the woman who played with guys hearts too.
Its all about guys young early morning they rise and size..what hell u still know not what!
Sometimes one has a connection so strong that nothing can break it.
This page is solely dedicated to my ideas about a "Family". This involves my personal experiences with my family and of course, the lessons I have learned. I hope this too applies to everybody :)
How sometimes someone can melt all the defenses and hurt you ever been through.
Now's the time to step back and ask yourself if you really, truly care about others. If you see someone is in need what do you do? We all can only do so much and then comes God, as they say, but how much do we really care about other peoples' suffering?
Another poem written for my wonderful Killik. I love him with every breathe that I have.
Into the heart of everyone one day will come the sound of soul. Essences profound will fill your senses and love will encompass day for all this will be...enjoy
On one of my recent pages a very lovely lady wrote..." thank you for the reminders, the remembering, and the rejoicing" so this is about that and enjoy...
Written for my wonderful Killik that I love with every breathe I am. Erotic poem you have been warned.
At the beginning of relationships we think they will go on infinitum..then all of a sudden ad nausum...this is the way they go for people change, minds change, emotions change and for sure sexual attraction read on and enjoy if you will
Was written for someone I thought was special. About how nothing else matters but the love you have with someone.
Why we should share evening meals with people that live near to us. Meals won´t taste the same when they´re enjoyed in good company and conversation.
Sometimes we tend to ignore our present and seek refuge in a future that may not be in the making. This poem is a small attempt.
A poem inspired by many things. Dreams, wishes, thoughts, memories. All that leads to this.
This is about love and relationship. This is about spending the rest of our life to the person we want to be with. This is about two people loving each other.
I pray to God every day Just to take my pain away For you to return to me again For us to love each other again
Thought we would be one forever Thought we would always be together
Oh, to know the one who fills your soul and heart! Sometimes we search for a lifetime, and other times we just get blessed and find our soulmate right at the start! Here's hoping for the best in your search.
April PAD Challenge Day 8 from Robert Brewers blog on writing an instructional poem.
This poem is dedicated to those who have lost a loved one ....but who have an assurance they will meet again ...beyond the deepest blue horizon.
This is a poem that I wrote after an ex and I had broken up. I wanted so bad to work things out, however not working things out worked better in my favor. But it did leave me with a great poem. Heartaches seem to do that.
This poem is about loosing someone close to you that is loved very much.
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