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In war and love a soldier spends his night in deep thoughts.His heart mind and soul captured by love.
In this lifetime one must have love.A guy does not want to miss this wonderful emotion.A togetherness he wants.
Though we came alone to this crowded world Though we live in a selfish and greedy world Beyond doubt, Nobody was created to walk alone everyone God created was created for others
He will go all out for love.He just wants true love and hopes that it come his way.
Going back in time.In love and war,lovers put into a situation.Tension has built up and a soldier has been called to duty.
He wants to find true love.This time around his heart is serious and wants a lover for life.
Nothing compares to love.Its a emotion that can rule the world.All he wants is her to be his love.
One of a kind love,the most beautiful and true gift a person can give.He is asking for deep love,the real thing.
Oh! be it his heart,his love for her is true.Anything to satisfy her.
Nothing compares to being forever in love.A lovers words about his true feelings,a lover for all times.
the heart and boost confidence, it calls people from a life of seclusion to a habitat of participation. The gathering to gather in a circle, with mixed emotions, and mixed characters eventually finds harmony when we are holding each other’s hands and praying for each other shows str...
Taking this back in time.A secret admirer writes a poem to a girl who he has fallen in love with.
Bring it on,all those desires.Love has taken over and he wants her to love him.
A guy wants to woo a girl and wants to give her confidence that his advances are true.He wants to be a true lover who's ready to go all the way.
A romantic night,a lover wants this night.A togetherness,what more can a lover ask for.
Love brings the world to its knees.One cannot underestimate the power of love.
Together we can overcome and become a strong nation, With one heart and many hands we lift them higher than where their dreams can reach, when we work in unity, the proximity of love draws every despondent soul nearer to been independent.
A lovers pledge to make love last.She is everything to him and want love to rule their lives.
A man needs a woman.She is his very existence and support.The comforts of love cannot be replaced.
When love feel so good.So much like a favourite chocolate that melts you into a good mood.Chocolates are enjoyed by lovers and its even better when love feels so chocolate.
Completing a year of togetherness with your special someone is an extremely special occasion that is tough to be expressed in words. The poem is a true depiction of someone's feelings on completing an year of togetherness.
Lovers in a quiet night who are all by themselves with just the natural surrounding.
Going back in time when a impending war looms.In beginning of a night a soldier sends a urgent poem with a go-between to his beloved.Being a soldier makes it difficult for him to be accepted by her family.His duties are risky and her family won't accept him as a suitor.Love is blind a...
Here is a story about undying love between two people that will warm your heart
When feelings are deep.Love grabs you invading your mind,heart and soul.
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