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womb to tomb ITs a long journey we have to undertake for birth and life's sake
An account of a boy trapped under what used to be his home, now turned into nothing but a tomb of rubble by a terrifying earthquake...
The Westminster Burial Grounds is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States, and it is occupied with famous and restless walking corpses from generals and mayors to influential businessmen and writers. Edgar Allan Poe is spotted in the haunted cemetery e...
In those movies, Rocky Balboa would come back from impossible odds...he would stage a comeback. You can too...
The holy grail of archeology Is Alexander the Great tomb.No one find it.
How to swim across the river we all call life Just my own suggestion take it with a punch of salt..
Adriana Villareal an Argentinian widow is sleeping in her husbands tomb due to excess love with her husband.
There are two choices I could take with this word - Which one will I choose ? - and where will it lead me ?
This is the continuation of my story from Creation through to Salvation - as I see it.
Lenin was the leader of the Russian revolution. His embalmed body is preserved in a tomb at Red Square
In light of the recent atrocities in Egypt and elsewhere where buried servicemen’s graves have been vandalized, I wrote this.
A Camel conned his Master to letting him come inside the tent out of the cold thereby forcing his master to go outside
Jesus was known for his astounding miracles when he walked the earth. Here is one of my personal favorites...
Zombies have a very bad reputation, mainly for eating people, and smelling really bad. Is it possible to live with one. Read on, only if you have strong nerves.
Agra, also known as the city of Taj, is the first place Taj Mahal, Agra the itinerary of tourists coming to India from all around the world. This Guide will help you what to see more in this amazing city read further.
This great pyramid was believed to be built to be used as tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu by the fourth dynasty Egyptians. It was constructed for over 20 years concluding around 2540.
This article gives a brief history of the Tomb of Abu Sa’id Faḍl Allah in Turkmenistan
This article explores the town of Hangcheng in Shaanxi Province in China as a great place to visit.
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