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womb to tomb ITs a long journey we have to undertake for birth and life's sake
According to local folklore, if you have experienced the feeling of being touched while on the old church grounds, you have more than likely come into contact with the spirit of the minister who haunts the Hankey Church Road cemetery and nearby property, located in the heart of the Ap...
Diehard horror fans, thrill seekers, zombie hunters and lovers of all things paranormal will undoubtedly come to life and thrive at the Evans City Cemetery where George A. Romero shot most of his iconic movie "The Night of the Living Dead, catapulting the Steel City into the classic s...
When it comes to supernatural activity, you either believe in ghosts or you don't. People who have experienced an encounter with a ghost refuse to admit it simply because they do not want to be ridiculed.
A look at the legend that was Wyatt Earp, Lawman, Gambler and Wells Fargo outrider
Tombstone - home of Wyatt Earp. Also home to Boot Hill were many are buried. A must visit if you are in southern Arizona.
Arizona's attractions are innumerable, from its deserts to its mountains, its scenery is spectacular.
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