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How long will this continue to go on, how many more children will suffer.
A personal experience of a time when I had my heart broken and was left unsure of what step to take next...having to find myself.
I care not what am going through today I believe in tomorrow the consoler of sad years Of a truth, it's a thick darkness today but the sun will rise tomorrow and announce a new dawn I believe in tomorrow the healer of wounds Beware of tomorrow
What of No, not tomorrow .All women love to be loved and mostly want a security of love Men don't promise
We never know when our souls will decide it is time to leave this earthly experience. So, it is imperative that we live each day as though there is no tomorrow.
A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
We think that tomorrow always arrive, unfortunately we do not know what happen about tomorrow, may be that day never come to us
The Sun decides to sleep in-causing a universal uproar.
The Sun decides to sleep in-causing a universal uproar!
This is a love poem based on " Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.." -WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The poem signifies that each moment and each day we look for happiness, which is like a mirage. Happiness is what we make it happen as happiness - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
A poem about how I kept waiting for the one I was in love with to love me back; unfortunately, it never came to that. Maybe tomorrow? No, I decided to stop waiting on 'tomorrow' and start being happy today.
Too many times the people who inhabit our lives are never given the kudos they deserve while they are still with us in this life. We should be more appreciative of the time we have with these people, and let them know how much we value their friendship.
Those days I'd like to repeat these thoughts that still kicking my ass, those dreams that I still keep alive those memories that will still occur ... these feelings that still does not give me peace!
Where can this happiness be It seems to be avoiding me. In the prison of my mind The happiness I cannot find
Where can this happiness be It seems to be avoiding me. In the prison of my mind The happiness I cannot find
Tomorrow never comes ever when it does it arrives as a today So never say tomorrow we may lead life each day
Everybody in their childhood dream about a lot and lot things.. But an unexpected and an unwanted time comes in evryone's life one day or the other when one have to choose either he is going to opt for the realliy or he is still willing to live in the world of his own 'Dreams and ill...
A simple poem about the passage of time and true love because love lasts when the relationship is friendly, loving, and compassionate.
Just because the sun shone today and it felt good - tomorrow it may rain - but we mustn't get upset - but be content and grateful anyway....
There are three days in two essentially today and yesterday tomorrow is again by a finer nuance another today
There comes a time for each of us when we need to let go of past regrets and sorrows , and move forward into the new day of tomorrow' s gain...
Can anyone say that they can go into tomorrow whilst still in today. If you can please let us know how. But the reality is you bloody can't!!!!
Just a passing thought about time. It's never too late to change, while time is on your side.
How can you change? How can you help the upward movement of planet earth? What is your intention? Do you really care? ...questions for you to answer if you will.
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