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A German artist Rainer Tautenhahn, by using ultra sensitive microphone and converted sound waves in to light waves with different colours.
Obese people around the world worry about health as they realise the problems of being fat. Without motivation and determination it is never possible to become slim if you're already obese.
If you are looking for a simple way to gain that perfect flat stomach then the plank is the exercise for you. No need for expensive equipment or hours of training just a little time and of course some effort and that toned tummy could be yours.
We should all feel free to express our emotions. Each and every one of us express our emotions differently. Music is something that we can all enjoy. Whether it’s listening to music or playing music, express your ideas and feelings. There are many opportunities to play an instrument...
How often something come over the wrong way only just by that tome of voice.
Speech determines the dignity of a person. Thoughtful words never put one into trouble.
We, as mortals, are distinctly equipped with a unique vibrating tone. A celestially calibrated resonance which 'stills us' in the midst of our most turbulent storms. We are, indeed, driven by sacred unconscious drives for reasons beyond our present comprehension. One thing, alone, sta...
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