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What can we do with a tube of toothpaste? We can only use it for brushing our teeth? Well…… not really! Read this article and you will discover six unbelievable ways to use your toothpaste!
With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life.
Taking care of your teeth is imperative. Use of good dental hygiene techniques, helps preserve your precious 32 long. Here we discuss some treatments for those who suffer from rotten teeth. Brush and floss regularly and visit your dental clinic at reglalr periods.
Companies are just holding their profit, they don't bother about the health of customer who trust their brands.
Find out an alternative way to whiten teeth with baking soda. This simple method will help you to whiten your teeth, so your teeth will look more beautiful.
We are using white tooth paste every day, most of the persons uses tooth paste. But there are lot of other uses with white tooth paste. A list of uses are posted here.
Fluoride, is it beneficial or is it harmful? Let's take a further look into this ever present component.
Who knew that toothpaste could be such a multitasking utility. It seems to be the ultimate fix for innumerable problems sitting right there in your bathroom. Read to know just how useful it is from brushing your teeth of course.
My favorite children's author is Roald Dahl. I based this children's rhyme on what I have learnt from his work especially the classic Revolting Rhymes. I really hope to have a collection of children's rhymes and stories to publish one day.- We can all dream......
Allergies in our Children are on the increase! Scientist have proven and reported that a clean house is not a healthy house.
Ever wonder what is in toothpaste? I know I have. I did a little research and this is what I have found.
Here are some surprising bathroom tips on cleaning your shower curtains, declogging shower heads, removing broken glasses in bathroom floors, cleaning clogged sinks, more use for bathroom mirrors, hanging a bathroom clock, and more. Enjoy these very helpful tips and save money
A few more ways to save money by cutting soap in half, using every micron of toothpaste misering electricity and stretching perfume
Surviving everyday pitfalls and developing useful strategies
This article describes the major dental problem of tooth sensitivity, its symptoms, care and relief for this tooth problem.
Want to know about some natural ways to cure bad breath, here are some safe natural and effective ways that assure you to get rid of bad breath.
There is a good news that we could avoid toothache in the future.
Six tips to prevent or get rid of acne and blackhead from our faces.
The same cleaning agents and compounds that do such a good job of cleaning, whitening, and polishing your teeth have hundreds of other applications in taking the bite out of stains all around your home.
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