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Wind... the invisible enemy. Well actually it's not an enemy. It's just what it is: Molecules that get pushed along. How strong can it be and can it be damaging? The answer is yes.
A tornado touched down in Molly and Milly's neighborhood. It had caused quite a bit of damage and knocked down several trees. Rusty lost his home and is now living with Molly's family. They've lost their big, old oak tree in the backyard. It was pulled up by the roots and landed o...
Oklahoma Storm Chaser Talks About the May 23, 2008 Kansas Tornado Outbreak
We'd prompt against holding your breath sitting tight for this one to really be constructed, yet thatthe existing parking structure as of now spotted at the site the building would be clad in glass,if it proceed, the Tulsa Tornado Tower will be a blended utilization constructing and ...
Do you appreciate the lovely quirks of life? I do. My name is Phyl, and I'm With Phil. After reading this, I hope you'll be with Phil, too. You don't have to be a Phil to be with Phil and help a small town and a very worthy cause.
The climate of Louisiana is a humid subtropical climate. In Louisiana there is also a lot of rain. It rarely snows here and when it does it is only a small amount and it is usually washed away by the rain.
According to the National Weather Service an EF-1 Tornado touched down in Fayette County one Saturday night in April 2013. One minor injury was reported.
The weather looked good for a film shoot - no rain. But is rain all to look out for? Evidently there is an invisible force that can smack you right off your feet, that you never think about!
Nailbiter is a supposedly horror movie which even tries to garner some emotions of a tragedy. With a new cast and crew, this movie is perhaps a modest attempt of a horror movie. Read on.
Phil Campbell, Alabama, is a real place. People named Phil (or any variant) really are encouraged to come. This weekend the city puts on their annual hoedown. I couldn't be there this year, but am writing this article in honor of my namesake city just the same.
My heart felt condolences goes to people in Oklahoma, Everything will work out for the better for you.
Like an enraged bear it comes to destroy everything in it's path.
When tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma this past week, teachers risked their own lives as they protected their students from harm. Yet, every day, thousands of ordinary teachers quietly help children cope with problems such as poverty, family violence and abuse. That's why teachers a...
A conversational piece about better protecting school children from violent storms such as tornadoes by building underground shelters in schools.
A three kilometre wide tornado devastated Moore city on Monday, May 20,2013. 24 were found dead & 200 injured. There were no reports of Filipinos casualties hurt so far.
Photographs of the tragedy of Oklahoma's mega-tornado yesterday don't begin to show the full magnitude of the devastation and heartbreak, which is even worse than we can imagine from looking at the pictures below.
Moore, Oklahoma has just been hit by the most devastating level of tornado for the second time in a decade and a half. The situation for the inhabitants is unimaginable.
The environment needs to be protected but not at the cost of progress of the mankind. Several countries need to take concerted action to provide the basic amenities and uplift people above the poverty line. What is needed a proper balance between the two.
Nothing is more fun and frantic that a tiny tornado - a KITTEN!
This article explores the possibility that the bible belt is in tornado alley for a reason and, perhaps, Joplin, Missouri got raptured.
Tornadoes have become common in the US. Summer months of every year are usual time to expect tornadoes. The plain states Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia are the normal victims.
How quickly life can be taken, how quickly life came to a halt, for a small but thriving town named Joplin, Missouri.
I have tried to tie together the natural, political and economical problems the Midwest region of the United States is currently facing.
~I have ridden this ol’ Hawg through clouds~Gods have smiled on me and kicked my ass~a thousand drill bit raindrops~I hit the throttle~howl through to the other side~on the edge and one step further~over the top~
Have you noticed how fast time moves nowadays, how fast day becomes night, how big the moon is becoming and sets just like the sun from the horizon...our end is near...
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