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Many people know and many not that Atlantis sank in more than one cataclysm and its destruction was mainly due to malignant forces creating tidal waves etc.and also experimenting on people just as dark forces are doing now on animals, food and people..
The second week in January has been sort of rough in southeast Louisiana. We are water and that is what we are! Lakes, rivers, streams, canals, creeks, the Gulf, and the list goes on. Add a week of rain non-stop and everything becomes soaked, even you, if you live here that is.
Spiritual poetry. Mother Nature Speaks is poem that speaks the truth, so if you don't like the truth, then you must have the wrong page.
Here are documented saga of courage and heroism displayed by seafarers during abnormal times at sea.
Only those of us who live thru horror can know the depths of what it holds. Oklahomans are persevering in the midst of tremendous heart aches. Read on and experience the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions that Oklahomans have suffered during the recent tornadic outbreaks!
John loved his life as a paramedic until the life he had to save was the love of his life.
Photographs of the tragedy of Oklahoma's mega-tornado yesterday don't begin to show the full magnitude of the devastation and heartbreak, which is even worse than we can imagine from looking at the pictures below.
As the search for missing victims continues, Oklahoma's Republican senators are playing politics with the disaster.
This is dedicated to two groups of people...those who prey on others and those who are stupid enough to allow it...unfortunately sometimes bad things are done hidden from plain sight and it is hard to stop them....
No one knows what the Mayan's saw for the year 2012, but they did know that the Universe, especially the Sun was going to play an important role. The earth's weather is becoming more powerful and dangerous without alot of warning.
Insurance com,panies are warning about the spiralimng costs of global warming.
Ways to prepare yourself and your family for these devastating storms, and how to deal with the aftermath.
All weather comes about for the good and the bad people.
Rapid climate change is affecting our weather in strange and powerful ways. This little poem asserts we need to do something about it quickly.
This article explores the possibility that the bible belt is in tornado alley for a reason and, perhaps, Joplin, Missouri got raptured.
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