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A poem about struggles. it places people in perspective of terminally ill patient who is held down by the illness, causing pain to others around as well.
Along the way, Marzeus keeps thinking how he could come back by car and dissolve the situation. Perhaps he could take gasoline and pour some in front of the hole and light it on fire. That ought to scare the dogs away from the hole.
My boys were growing up and turning into hopefully the men Mark and I envisioned them to be. Their teenage years were not always easy, would they make it through? Each one of them would have to lean on God for all the decisions they were about to make. This is where I had to let go a...
Sometimea in life we face a situation when a lot is there within us but still we rain silent..
Loving life may prove to be a difficult task especially when times are hard and the economy is bad. If you no longer know where you are going to get the resources that you need to get through your days, you will be faced with an even bigger dilemma...Where are you going to find the st...
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