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Life is a puzzle which we have to solve as there will be too many unanswered questions along the path and we all will be struggling to get answers to those. There will be ups and down's, success and failures as we walk along the path of life. But life is also beautiful and all those t...
Friends are our life and we all love to make more and more friends in our life without knowing that many of these so called friends are fake. How to tackle these fake friends is really a tough task and i have tried to put some light into this matter here
There were times when it was very easy to get bank loans and people used this to maximum extent.Now that defaulters are raising, banks have made it very tough to give loans to public. Though this kind of situation has arised due to serious defaulters which effected the whole financial...
Gone are the old days where kids didn't get these many facilities like modern day kids and used to struggle hard in their daily life. so kids have become very smart today. Parents also do face problems in dealing with modern day smart kids as they are wiser than parents for their age
Unsure whether this comment amounted to a compliment or a criticism, but one thing is certain - people need an element of toughness in order to succeed at the things they do in life and this applies as much to writing here on Wikinut as it would to share trading if that were your fort...
A poem which reveals my feeling and thoughts that what changed me and what made me to think...
This is just a simple poem regarding the ignorance people have towards women and their daily struggles to push for perfection,
In Life, we face lots of trials, challenges and steep slopes, requiring our toughness, mental strength, patience and endurance. We stay on despite the push such situations give to us. We try to be strong, even though we seem to be giving up gradually, please, hang on! Be tough enough ...
Yes even though things may look bleak, stand fast and continue to fight
Life is full of questions. Once in a while, we think we have come across an answer or two - But, the questions are far in excess of the ones we can answer with any real certainty.
A man describes to his son the cost of the D-Day invasion.
That is what we loving fathers are, truly within albeit all those toughness we display on the exterior behaviour when in jihad of life, out working to earn a decent living for his family.
Kids are real joy for our life and by being with kids, we tend forget so many problems and tensions of life
There are many people in this world who get nervous on facing new people or new places in life and life will be tough for these people
We are all lucky to have got to live in this beautiful world of god and we should live it full by doing good things in life and enjoying
Deciding on life partner is very important as one needs to make correct decision here which will give future life direction
Sorry is the toughest word for many people as they don't just feel comfortable in saying sorry at all even when they are on the wrong side!
There are many problems that do come in our life and we have to deal it in a better way
The problems that appear in life are sometimes very tough to manage and it does take the maximum strength and will power to overcome these problems
She was an alcoholic, a drug addict, a prostitute, a thief... and she was just 14. She did what she had to do to survive.
It is amazing the way people respond to a particular situation. Just showing the varying mindset.
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