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There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt. You be the judge.
Having recently escaped a 28-year long toxic relationship, I will tread lightly if and when I enter another
What happened to my servants? Why aren't they at work? What's that? Somebody poisoned them? Oh great. Who's so evil?
How can a commonly used thing be so hazardous to your health? Well, apparently it is.
Ah, snakes... they move so gracefully and well controlled, just the way a good cgi snake does. People love the many horror movies about killer snakes, but what happens when such a fatal monster finds itself at your feet, and you're like "WHAAAAAA!!!! Snake at my feet!"
There are many other items that I can do without them. Thus, making my life a lot easier and saving me a lot of money that I'll use for my leisure.
The family are on Tower Hills for the festive time. The children seem to enjoy it on Tower Hills, as the different family members' children can now play with each other. "Snake!" shouts one of them, running to the adults to come and have a look.
Lincoln Way at first glance gives the feel of being dark and diabolical. The ugly ruins and debris make the entire neighborhood an eyesore and the perfect location for any red eyed beast to call home. Rumors concerning the abandoned and haunting neighborhood have resulted in many para...
Plants have beneficial as well as harmful effects to mankind. Be able to compare and weigh the values of this plant. Should its existence be curtailed or not?
The search begins anew for a love. When one is lost, another must be found, as we are creatures in need of love!
Toxic waste pollution threatens hundreds of millions of people around the world, including in Africa and also in Indonesia.
While the urge to hand your dog leftover food and throw them down a scrap or two from your plate at dinner time is not uncommon , it is important to take note that as well as this increasing chances of obesity and undesirable begging behaviours from your pet, a number of food substanc...
As with dogs, owners need to take care with what food their cats get their paws on. It is important to become familiar with what might be harmful to your cat’s health and avoid giving them anything that might be a risk. Here is a quick list of what should be avoided:
Tons of waste we create annually, much of which is toxic, has to be disposed of somehow. The number of waste incinerators is increasing rapidly, and these toxic-waste plants nearly always end up in poor neighbourhoods.
Do you know what tartrazine is? Are you unknowingly consuming it? Do you actively read consumer labels? Learn what one must watch for, when purchasing products.
Slavery used to be so open, where you could see it, but now it’s more sinister, resorting to devious methods of capturing you!
To classify, here are the products that contain these three most potent phthalate families:
Toxic shock syndrome is a very serious infection and this may lead to death. So there should be proper treatment given to this disease. Here are the few interesting facts about this disease.
These chemicals can result in reproductive abnormalities that set the stage for eventual cancers later in life such as prostate cancer and breast cancer.
People of modern computer era are not satisfied with conventional treatments. Hence many are searching for solutions through alternative medicines. In India, medicines such as Ayurveda, Siddha or Unani are doing wonders in healing chronic diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure. ...
Lead poisoning is a serious problem in the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods of New Orleans, where soil lead levels are exceptionally high due to dispersal of lead paint dust during historic renovation. Low-level lead poisoning, known as a "silent epidemic", affects children by lower...
I know many will never relate to what I am actually talking about here, but if you are a firefighter, you will comprehend every word. Because I know you too appreciate your buddy.
Nerium Oleander is consider as one of the world's most poisonous flowers because of its dangerous substances contains in all parts of the plants. It become dangerous to adult, children and animals that it could cause death in some fatal cases of excessive ingestion.
Here are listing of deadliest, prettiest but poisonous flowers. Find out the signs and symptoms of poisoning and know the part and organs that are deeply affected by bewitching flowers that are very pretty and yet very toxic both to humans and animals.
You may be killing your best friend, if you feed your canine companion table scraps. You may be killing him or her without even being aware of it, if you are letting him or her chow down on your left overs.
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