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This is one of my tenor pieces on a aspect of life we all can relate to.
PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 1 or 2-Player rhythm play Konami By 4mm Games Release October 5, 2010
One of the most exciting sign for most hunters is to find the bedding area for deers. This is a strong sign that the deers are nearby. A feeding deer will look for a safe haven to rest from as they absorb what they have eaten all day and this is usually their bedding area.
~waking up in the desert~rainman~caught in the eyes of serpents~he learned reptile moves~denying Jesus while creating a chaos of gods~remembering the death car~indians on the highway~no one here gets out alive~
~Charlie Manson~look down at me~see a fool~ look up at me~see a god~look straight at me~see yourself~Jim Morrison~do you know the warm progress under the stars~do you know we exist~Nietzsche~know your overlord~ Poe~condor years~
Paloma Faith performed at the V festival 2010 playing a half hour-long set belting out some of her hits from her debut album "Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?", Read the review and see some images from the event
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