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This is a summary of my family Christmas tradition, Pulling Names.
Situated in the East part of Europe, Bulgaria is a little country with rich culture and exotic cuisine. This time we’ll introduce you to one of the most popular Bulgarian dishes – the amazing Banitsa. It’s the most preferred breakfast but it’s often eaten for lunch and dinner,...
Culture has changed it's attitude about pictures, and smiles....and smiles in general over the course of the years.
The Christmas season has its own traditional symbols. The decorations with stars and light, Santa Claus and carols are some of the Christian symbols. Christmas tree has become an inevitable part of the celebrations. When did the tradition of Christmas tree start in the Christian histo...
This page talks about the African way of education before colonialism, this was informal education that was used before the coming of the formal way of education.
Felipe spends an enjoyable night at home with his parents and Delilah begins readying things for her son's departure.
The year is 1955 and two young boys take part in a local Easter Sunday tradition.
As a youngster I was a goody two shoes, but I picked up the habit of smoking. Fortunately, I managed to control my smoking, and at seventy five, I am still kicking to tell my tale.
Shrove Tuesday falls on March 04th this year, not only acknowledged as the eve before Lent, but also known by many as Pancake Day. Here in the UK, it is one of the varied traditions celebrated by men, women and children throughout the country, with fun Pancake races, fancy dress, and ...
Award winning poetic tribal documentary on the ancient age worldwide subject of : Should mankind sing or dance.
If you live in or near The Springs and want a fun filled Saturday night, then come join us at the Ivywild School this Saturday night for the Harvest Dance. Enjoy a fun filled night while supporting a worthy cause, the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. All proceeds from the danc...
Traditions are great to have, however when those traditions do not care about all people then those traditions need to change or be eliminated.
Old fashioned values could provide a bulwark of protection from the worst mistakes.
Hazara people who mainly lives in Afghanistan and Quetta Pakistan is a persian speaking people.
Fridays have great importance in religions. This First Friday thought insists more on the thirst of Jesus and his request to his disciples before his death, to be awake with him "at least for one hour".
God's handiworks, in the genesis, were perfect before mankind; however, most religion fanatics' misconception is to bring God down to the status of the human faculty on any popular or minor religious issue. They hold the believe that their religious ideology is perfect, most divinely...
A Geisha Kimono is a traditional clothing by Japanese. These particular kimonos are very unique with a Geisha fashionable style.
Although, by definition, there is no coercion in faith, the fast of Ramadan is called compulsory, as opposed to optional, because it is mentioned several times in Coran, and is one of the pillars of Islam.
Guide to a more accurate and in depth understanding of the Bible.
This article is about traditional belief of our elders whoever giving importance to superstitious thoughts.
Insanity is when we forget humanity in the name of religion and nationality.
In searching for her he's found a philosophy to balance his soul in the presence of Sophy. The scales of existence measures his sufferings, from his shoulders she's taken off the weight of desires. His spirit is soaring above the ordinariness. The lightness rules over the human ho...
Cinco de Mayo commemorates the triumph of Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. It is primarily a regional holiday celebrated in the Mexican state capital city of Puebla and throughout the state of Puebla. It is also celebrated in some U.S. cities wit...
The film, Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino narrates the tale of Latina women of U.S.A as represented by twelve extraordinary women who have brought a radical change in their lives and accomplishment. They describe their hopes, aspirations and the ways and means they followed to ...
A communal place to relax, communicate with others while soaking inside hot tubs. A kind of recreation for others.
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