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This is a story poem about being trapped at a traffic light. This is not about me. I hope you enjoy this one.
And the things that drives me crazy, are these eternal glimpse that women gives, tinkers on the greatest adrenalin moments flooding through the hugely beast mind of a man, the attractive acquisition, appeared beautiful and dammed.
There are really many ways to generate revenue from something as undemanding and comfortable as the Internet.
Scott Hallock is a 28 year veteran in Law Enforcement and tells what the top six traffic violations that Police Officers look for.
Traffic tickets are a very sore subject because no one likes getting one. The fact is, when we are careless on the roadways it is the price we all pay for keeping order, traffic education, and safety.
Tips from Officer Scott Hallock on how to avoid getting a speeding ticket.
Officer Scott Hallock explains what happens when the Police stop you.
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