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If having blueprints makes you think that you have a card up your sleeve then you are charlie indeed at least for the universe and it's arrangements. You don't need to have your head examined but you certainly got to treat these arrangements solemnly .
How a simple haiku poem says it all about Life, death, and all tragedies of this world.
Based on a true story, this short memoir relives a tragedy that still haunts me and still leaves me wondering, What could I have done?
A tragedy should not have to end with sadness but a tragedy it would be something that makes anyone look will definitely laugh because humor of the incident. It could be happen anywhere and at any time, and this time I tried to share an amusing incident in a sporting event that is in ...
In respect for those who lost their lives in the Glasgow Helicopter Crash. Our thought and prayers go out to them, their families, colleagues, neighbours and friends. We also pray for the healing of those who have been injured.
As human beings, we're so focused on our own problems that we sometimes forget to take notice of the massive problems others are having. This little poem is to draw people's attention to the fact that no matter how bad their problems may seem, when compared to the problems of others,...
Today's news seems to have an abundance of negatives news and a severe lack of positive news.
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