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When consumed in passion we are blind to reality. We give into the fire burning deep inside and make mistakes. At times we aren't as strong as the love that is in front of us. We destroy rather than protect the one we care for when we lose ourselves.
Every day we wake into a new day, I am always waiting for it to show me its glory.
Poem of a man having a dream inside of a dream experiencing a tragedy.
A satirical article of a writing site Bubblews(ip address witheld upon possible request) who had a bank run and now beng given a prolong post mortem and after thoughts .
In the deepest darkness with the freezing coldness he walks towards her with a knife. His role is unidentified. Is he a protector or is he a destructor??. He looks into those eyes those eyes which reminds him of his past and drives his future and takes out the knife. Who is he?? Who w...
Dated, but ever actual ratiocinations on the seeming randomness of the universe and fate. Explored old style.
Adam realizes that the world is changing and as World war II continues to rage in Europe he sees it effect even life in outport Newfoundland. The tragic death of a boy saddens the community.
We see dreams for our future.Some of them becomes our passion.And our heart breaks when the dream does not overcome.
This article talks about war, how war changes and destroys life and persuades many with false promises. War is destruction, war is endless corruption and we should all fight to put an end to it for a better world!
A brief look on Air Asia's tragedy, company profile and my own perspective.
This is a poem dealing with the current tragic events that have taken place in France over the week. Also it puts in to perspective the corruption that is present in the world, how each minded people are manipulated by terrorists and how the world's innocent people suffer as a result ...
The tragic story of a blossoming couple. Josh and Mary were the ideal couple everyone aspired to be. But little did anyone know what destiny had in store for them.
Based on a true story, this short memoir relives a tragedy that still haunts me and still leaves me wondering, What could I have done?
A tragedy should not have to end with sadness but a tragedy it would be something that makes anyone look will definitely laugh because humor of the incident. It could be happen anywhere and at any time, and this time I tried to share an amusing incident in a sporting event that is in ...
This is a true story that happened in one of the cites in the Philippines.Who do you think be blamed ?
As a human I have thoughts and ideas of how the actions and reactions of 9/11 has effected humanity. These are some
The boys all grown up and gone their separate ways. The empty nest syndrome just setting in, then, "Wham!" "A family tragedy!"
A poem written about the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.
This was a review from a performance in New York. A review from my archives.
Everything was perfect: something was borrowed, something was blue. However, not all expectations do come true.
Life is too short and precious. It must be prevented from hazards at all times. Devils seen and unseen lurk all around. Saying a simple prayer for salvation and asking permission in whisper before doing a thing would not be too much a task if it would bring joy instead of sorrow.
Today, our needs are growing with the growing population and the needs contain many things in which furniture and house decoration is one of them for which many of the trees are made dead. I invite you to join this revolution of preventing this one tree from cutting.
The atomic bomb was dropped by the america on two cities of japan in august 1945. first time On August 6, 1945, during second World War (1939-45), an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. and second time August 9th, ...
My reaction to the killings at the Aurora Movie theatre during the showing of The Dark Knight in 2012.
A young sea Captain is visited in a dream by his best friend, who had recently lost his life at sea.
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